Saucy is a word used to describe when something is interesting .
It is a nice word

I like it
Ooo sis that’s saucy
by Your no.1 dad June 20, 2019
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The ultimate ladies man. Picks up every girl in a 10 mile radius.

Parents are on high alert for their daughter when this ladies man is on the prowl.
Guy1 - "When last you saw Saucy?"

Guy2 - "Probably when he stole my girl."
by 0100100010010 September 23, 2011
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Usually referred to someone who does something in a sexual way.
Neve: as I landed in the sand pit

Bailey shouted SAUCYYYYY
Safiyah: how saucy

Tom: saucy

Nida: what a saucy jump
via giphy
by ktns May 07, 2017
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the level of drunkness before drunk but after tipsy
oh man i am saucy right now. i need more alchie to get CRUNKKK
by sexyladyyy January 21, 2010
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another word for drunk. comes from the word sauced.
they're so cool they get saucy in the bathroom at Dallas BBQs
by saucyFoLiiF3 May 04, 2009
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smooth, to feel good, looking right, elegant, when things are looking up.
Yo my new g-shock is lookin real saucy on my wrist
by killabob July 24, 2009
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A person who is not only hot, they are SULTRY. They have sex just emitting from them, pure and enticing. Marilyn Monroe was saucy. Now what finishes the job is a sassy attitude.

A saucy person would be like the smoothest, creamiest, rich, spicy sauce that would make you wanna eat it... but slowly, just to enjoy it's sting.
That saucy mama just pulls me in with those eyes, and melts me down with those lips.
by B_Crush October 02, 2009
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