plural. also know as Cats. Satan is considered evil, yet everyone loves cats.

They are fluffy, adorable, and planning your demise.
by mo May 16, 2014
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Martha Stewart can help you decorate your home with just a pine cone and some glitter...and then she'll eat you soul.
by Jeremy V April 01, 2005
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According to Christianity, Satan was originally an angel who rebelled against God (power to the people!) and also influenced Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge- which implies that had they of not eaten it, then we might not have possessed the knowledge to question authority. Ultimately, Satan was thrown into the lake of fire with his other followers- which also implies that Satan is a victim too in all of this, and considering he braved god's wrath to question the lord's divine authority- it says a lot about how Satan should be perceived, and that Satan might have had decent intentions after all. Of course, this is all subject to whether you have religious ideals- in which case, you might want to consider which being you're supporting :P
Satan's ultimate goal is to lead people away from the love of God, and to lead them into fallacies which God opposes- or if you look at it another way, fallacies which mean God no longer has control over you- some of these fallacies are listed below:

Premarital sex: A normal desire for human beings, and it should not be perceived as a sinful. Everyone has the right to love their body and the body of others, providing they realise what sex entails and that they are aware of any implications that follow the activities they are parcitipating in.

Drugs: As we know, some drugs are very dangerous for the body and mind- but naturally occuring drugs such as weed and hallucinogens can lead to experiencing alternative perceptions of reality, and providing necessary precautions are taken, this can lead to positive realisations about yourself and the world you live in. And may also result in a more independent mindset- which would be bad for God, understandably...

Rock Music: Opposed by hardcore Christians, Rock music is actually celebratory of everything that makes us human- and is known for championing complex ideas (seen in art rock, etcetera) and anti- authority ideals. Again, bad for God...

In all, there are lots of things perceived as sinful by Christianity- most of these are merely aspects which contribute to our independence and rights as a human being.
by Firelovesugar October 27, 2010
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The profoundly evil adversary of God and humanity, often identified with the leader of the fallen angels, the Devil.the archfiend Satan, Old Nick, Devil, the Devil, Lucifer, Beelzebub, the Tempter, Prince of Darkness
master of Hell
After that child had broken my windows,Lit my house on fire and ate my cat spaghetti style, I believe he had satan in him.
by Down4People October 13, 2003
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