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A truly great guitarist and member of the rock duo The White Stripes (which he formed along with Meg White), The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Jack's skills on guitar and penchant for the Digitech Whammy use during his solos, combined with Meg's simple yet effective drumming capture a very primal sound, immersed in the bands unique punk/blues fusion. Has an appreciation (along with Meg) for the Dutch art movement De Stijl, which influenced the trademark colour scheme and dynamics of the bands music and on-stage appearence. Also demonstrates that less is more is still a valid technical standpoint. He is also a talented songwriter, and is quite possibly the modern equivalent of the guitar gods of old, frequently being ranked as one of the greatest guitar players of recent times. Long live Jack White :)
Q: What's black, white and red all over?
A: Jack White!
by Firelovesugar July 20, 2010
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A phrase that if spoken to you means one thing:
The person who said it does not deserve to have you as a friend because they cannot overcome their own ignorance.
Guy: So do you want to go out with me?
Girl: It's a nice thought but I'd rather we were just friends...
(at this point guy starts walking away)
Girl: Where are you going?
Guy: I'm doing you a favour, we both know that I'm better for you than any of your so- called boyfriends- I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of running to me when it falls apart...
(sometime later the girl's boyfriend cheats on her, she learns a lesson, but will go back to dating equally ignorant people)

If anyone ever says this to you, walk away: you deserve better even if it means letting them go...
by Firelovesugar May 5, 2011
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Basically, a term that describes the fun type of intellectual. The one that uses their intellect to their advantage: picking up girls, enjoying recreational drugs simply for the experience, and listening to acclaimed music such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd. This intellect is one of a daring, curious, 'you only live once' nature, and will not let the opinions of others stand in the way of their own certainty and desires. The amount of knowledge they have can be dangerous in some situations but they are generally good to know :)
The Rock n' Roll Intellectual: Daring, curious, adventurous, rebellious, and independent of other peoples opinions and thoughts.
by Firelovesugar May 4, 2009
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A state of mind brought on by experiencing a different state of consciousness- mostly through vast changes in perception, senses and thought patterns. Tripping is usually experienced through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin- but can also be experienced naturally as well. This is because psychedelic drugs are supposed to break down the filters of the mind i.e 'thought at large' which are believed to eliminate unnecessary thought patterns. Because the mind (including the alleged filters) were not fully developed in youth, tripping could sometimes happen naturally as a result. And if you don't believe me or think it's impossible, then read the example... you'll know what I'm talking about :)
When I was younger, the world seemed a more vibrant place. It was much easier to daydream or lose myself in my thoughts, or imagine things as though they were real. Music felt really alive, as though it connected with me somehow, and I could spend hours following every crevice in the pavement on the way home from school... where now I couldn't care less. That is how I viewed the world as a child... but having matured since then those abilities have been lost as a result. Tripping makes you more aware of all the details that pass us by- and whether it's through drugs or natural causes, tripping is a great way to realize all the finer things around us that we normally take for granted :)
by Firelovesugar May 14, 2009
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1. Discourages enjoyment, recreation,
creativity, human rights and freedom.
2. Encourages corrupt beliefs, productivity, slavery and propaganda.
3. Money making totalarianists.
4. Wish to enslave every man woman and child.
5. Creator of the matrix- the routine which our lives follow e.g born, work, die.
6. Try to force corrupt opinions and lies onto your thinking through the use of propaganda.
7. Think they know what's better for you... which is total bullshit.
8. A system which should crash and burn whilst we laugh at its incompetence.
9. Control- nothing more, nothing less.
10. Terminating your free will and your preferred profession in life- which is why the majority of us end up in pre-determined jobs, instead of custom ones such as becoming activists, artists, philosophers and musicians.
11. Will destroy you if you question them.
12. In it for the money.
13. Create the illusion of freedom- the reality is domination.
14. Fail to realise that humans cannot be governed by control- control is governed by man: with us, control is exercised when necessary- unlike the government, where it is abused to enforce order.
15. hated by teenagers and anyone with any sense :)
16. Supported by adults and those who succumbed to propaganda- forget them, they are too late to be saved :(
16. Crash
17. Burn
18. DIE!
20. "By tomorrow, I will be dead, because the census carried out with all our personal details was given to the government, so we can be found and destroyed- and me and my family will be targeted tomorrow at sundown :("

Give this definition to anyone who has not seen the light- act now, and their souls will be spared :P

Quotes to summarize the government:
"Pro money for us, pro recession for you"
"Drugs can make you see the truth- which is why we banned them"
"Life is productive, not custom"
"Free will is blasphemy"
"Nothing you say or do will defeat us- because we can unleash armed death squads onto you mere mortals mwuhahaha!"
"Your needs? HA!"
"Biased is truth"
"If we wrote this, the results would support our views, motives, and system in general, and we will force it onto you through our opinion elimination device- PROPAGANDA!"
by Firelovesugar January 14, 2009
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Where the impressionable youth are indoctrinated to prepare them for exploitation by the established order.
The Man: Under the mores of the capitalist system you shall attend school. Through academic rewards and personal choice you will go forth and choose a suitable career, to which you shall persist for a substantial amount of time. A vast majority of the money you earn shall be given to the ruling class to keep us in power, and in return we shall sustain your need for this career so we can exploit you until such a time that your ailing health makes this practise immoral and you therefore become incapable of serving us. Once you retire you will no longer pose a threat to the system and our goal of keeping you blind to everything will have been achieved. Over the next few years you shall come to the realisation that despite the pleasures life has given you it is a hollow victory in the face of a reality where you could enjoy complete freedom. Although you now know the truth you shall no longer live to warn others of it, and the cycle which you became a part of shall endlessly repeat itself with the participation of subsequent generations. There are no exceptions and no escape. Our existence is built on this agenda: to keep you so devoid of possibility and/or alternatives that you submit and resign yourself to this reality, whether you agree to it or not.
by Firelovesugar April 14, 2011
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Term used to describe any day in which a musician of critical acclaim passes on. The term generally refers to the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper passed on when their plane crashed, but has in recent times been used to describe the passing of other legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon and most recently, Michael Jackson. The term originated from Don Mclean's song 'American Pie', and the event itself is a very emotional time for the music industry, and of course the many dedicated fans of the icon themselves... but it is important to remember that although they are physically gone, the musical contribution they have made to our lives and the music scene in general shall remain with us always...
The day the music died:

Buddy Holly
The Big Bopper
Ritchie Valens
Elvis Presley
John Lennon
Michael Jackson

R.I.P :(

Please note that my opinion is not above other people: you may have your own musical icons that deserve to be up here, which is perfectly fine- but this only refers to the most famous and recognisable musicians where a day the music died has been made upon their passing.
by Firelovesugar June 26, 2009
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