Lorde is a 22-year-old pop/indie singer from New Zealand. Best known for her hit singles like 'Royals', 'Team' and 'Green Light'.
person 1: Hey, have you listened to Lorde's new album?

person 2: not yet!

peron 1: you need to.
by awhoreforharrystyles March 8, 2019
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One day, a 45-year old geologist from South Park, Colorado, decided to enter the women's bathroom at work. In there, he realised he had a knack for singing/writing songs, and decided to adapt an alternative on-stage persona, as a 17-year old girl. The result, is Lorde. The rest, is history.
Dude 1: Dude I totally jacked off to Lorde's performance last night.
Dude 2: Dude...you know it's actually a 45-year old dude?
Dude 1: Yea right, and Tupac is still alive, right?
Tupac: Haha, you gay son.
by Demonjizz January 20, 2016
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Exclamatory Irish phrase originating in Wexico, meaning "Ah here!", "Jesus!" or "Oh dear."
"Be the lord lads the weather's gettin' awful bad."
by shero_2 May 7, 2013
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A lord of asses. Per say one who owns many asses and uses them wisley.
"That douchefag is a true A-Lord nigga!"
by King of ass February 25, 2010
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A colloquial term for jizz, cum, semen, etc.
Guy 1: "Hey man, did you see Thor last night."

Guy 2: "Ya bro, Natalie Portman was so hot."

Guy 1: "I know, I was lordeing all over the place!"

Guy 2: "Ugh. I hate it when my lorde gets on the furniture. Such a pain to get out."
by MontyFaigen1 December 15, 2013
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