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A happy children's book about a monster who lures children away from their parents with candy and games and then tricks them into having buttons sewn into their eyes and then locks them behind the mirror and eats their souls.
Thanks to Coraline, now I'm scared of mirrors and needles.
by Sugar Plumps July 06, 2017
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An amazing movie from 2009 that NOBODY KNOWS FOR SOME FUCKING REASON
person 1: can we watch coraline?
person 2: what's "coraline"?
person 1: ...
person 2: what is it?
person 1: thisiswhatswrongwiththeworld
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by fuk u i'm better June 27, 2018
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a beautiful, sexy, and intelligent woman.. DON'T let her go once shes yours. If you have lost her already- get her back. She will prove to be the best in Every aspect.. Coralines live for romance, make stand out gestures, that's all it will take and she is yours for the taking! To get what you really want you have to take a chance- risk it all or lose it all.
I wish i would have snagged that Coraline before it was too late.
by sexaimofo April 04, 2012
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(noun) A movie, that, when paired with sugary drinks, is like a bad acid trip.
Dude 1: I just saw Coraline... I CAN'T SEE MY HANDS.
Dude 2: You're sexy.
Dude 2's girlfriend: He is.
by Donnie Downpour February 13, 2009
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