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When a guy and girl, guy and guy, girl and girl or possible girl guy and girl, girl guy and guy, girl girl and girl, guy guy and guy etc. Get together and take a shit on what our lord and savior Jesus Christ who died for our sins. Aka Satan worshipers.
Will and Natalie engaged in premarital sex, so I went to church to pray for their souls.
by Greentesties June 11, 2019
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The word means:

1: Fornication is a term which refers to consensual sexual intercourse between two persons not married to each other. In contrast adultery is consensual sex where one or both of the partners are married to someone else
1: Person One - Hey... This guy asked me for premarital sex the other day...

Person Two - What did you say?

Person One - No, I am against it. I am not yet married!
by Clubmeber July 24, 2008
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Having sex before marriage. Which is a sickening act and should be abolished.
β€œEvan had premarital sex with his FIANCΓ‰ last night, and she isn’t even his WIFE”
by Agonizing July 29, 2019
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