Noun| A girl usually about 15 years old or younger that is romantically involved with a man who is obviously 18+ years old.

Saplings are commonly found at fairs in small country towns but can be seen all across the globe.
Ryan: "Wow Elisa, look at the sapling over there. Sad..."
by Kenny Smoov January 10, 2016
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Another name for Bradford Pear trees, namely because of the aroma they emit during the summer. For some reason they produce the exact smell one would find at a gay orgy: hot, raw jizz. The smell can be so strong that one can smell it for miles at a time while driving with the windows down permitting discomfort and nausea.
I can't stand going outside because all I can smell are those cursed semen saplings!
by Servemaster July 10, 2008
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A terrible site for troubled youth trying to learn chemistry or any other science of such kind. Every wrong attempt will cost your grade to decrease by 10%, just so you can watch your perfect grade go down because you didn't simplify the balanced equation. All in all, you just have zero idea what they want of you. Also, the correct message appears in red. Blood red.
Christina: "Hey, did you do your Sapling Learning homework?"
Jessica: "No, but I found all the answers online."
by Depression502 September 16, 2018
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The two timing, lying, crack head hoes who preach their hoe philosophy at any cost. By home wrecking, and making their own vagina walls so loose they create a new found way of lifestyle. The one's who live by this standard and only think about the usage of their pussy and who try to encourage others to extend their miles wide so that there are no more walls left to play with. This type of thinking is called a hoe-saple philosopher.
Did you hear about that girl who is 30 still taking dick for whatever bag of tricks, I heard she was preaching on that hoe-saple shit.
by themafiasecretartistbelowlevel January 17, 2021
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Person that have anime or games as one of main interests. This person have normal live and friends . For this perosn is watching anime and playing games everyday activity.

Word is used as parable with person that are doing so becouse they are growing in front of monitor on one unchanged spot with extra knowlige recived from content that they are watching.
It's nothing bad about being Sapling.
by Sapling December 29, 2019
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A mystical creature who dwells across the enchanted forest. Each group of sapling have 30 to 40 saplings lead by a elder sapling or caretaker sapling. The different types of saplings like a oak,spruce,birch,dark oak,acacia,jungle and artic
It can be used as
"Look there is a Sapling!"
"I am a sapling"
"What sapling tree did you come from?"
by Cheeseboy124 August 15, 2021
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