Dude #1 : ayoo wsg homie !

Dude #2 : wtf does "wsg" mean ?
by Nawffjenn June 09, 2018
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WSG-meaning Warsong Gulch
A miniature game played on World Of Warcraft in which players get to kill members of the opposite faction to gain hoonour
Man, we just got our arses handed to us at WSG

Dude, wanna do a bit of WSG with me?
by Cha11eng3r July 19, 2006
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WSG or Washington Street Guy.

A Man who works on his car shirtless often enough that when you drive by you often look to get a glimpse of his tan bod.
And then you drive by him 3 more times.
A: "ohh yeah! Guess who I just saw shirtless?"
B: "Mr. w.s.g. of course."
A: "Lets go drive by three more times!"

by lard face November 30, 2006
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WSG. That's the way she goes boys. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't, cause that's the fuckin' way she goes.
by customx777 March 19, 2019
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1. Word? Score. Gnarly!

2. Acronym used to explain being intrigued & content with what is being said.
"Dude, bro, I got a 90 on my calc exam. Touchdown."

"WSG! I forgot we had class today lol."
by Abortion Survivor September 21, 2010
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