fancy word to explain you want less
Marie: "Can you simplify your essay?"
Emma:"Sure I'll make it shorter."
by ahahahahahahahahq February 18, 2020
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BEST MUSICIAN ON THE PLANET! He likes EDM and the meatball sub from Subway.

Peep tha soundcloud:
Person 1: "Damn ho! Did you hear Simplifi's new album?"

Person 2: "Yeah bro! That shi was fye!"
by opr8r March 25, 2021
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Man, I must simplify my self in order to get into Pokimane's fan group.
by steter girfin March 10, 2020
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Semper Simplify: Always make things as simple or least complicated and troublesome as possible.
Her "what do you think about buying a boat or van that we could stay overnight in once in a while?"
Me: "Hmm, if I follow my motto Semper Simplify, I'd ask why would we want to buy an expensive camper van or a live-aboard boat? Why not use that money on Airbnbs and motel rooms for the rest of our lives and forget the boat and camper hassle?"
by Granka July 2, 2018
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When u fuckin brain dead you are simplified as fuck
Yo that nibba simplified af rn
Yeah he fuckin brain dead fish
by VirusCoreGaming May 8, 2018
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To give exceptionally tight shooting in FPS games
"Holy crap, Sam is simplifying"
by Sakantti April 18, 2022
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