someone who uses discord
hops on servers
chats around
normally in servers taken care by the mods and admins
mod/admin in server: oh this guy is a discord user he/she should be taken care of by me so this server is safe
by jolteoncool November 27, 2020
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A person in the internet who actually has friends.
"I am a Discord user"
"Oh I bet you have friends"
by MeMakingDictionary December 10, 2020
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December 11th is discord user day. Where all members are allowed to harass mods and admins for 24 hours
by Averageredditor64757 December 10, 2020
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"have u talked to discord user tank before dude??"
"yes omg hes so v sexy and cool (REAL!!! !!!)"
by rexxd September 2, 2021
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An African-American discord user who goes by the name of "Isaiah" who has a long history of harassing women under the age of 16. Isiah makes demands that they met him in person so he can exchange money for sexual favors. Isiah also attempted to bully a frail, overweight jewish man in a discord server but when they met up to settle the score in person he was knocked out unconscious and had his shoes taken. Afterwards, the jewish man spit on Isiah's unconscious body in order to reprimand him for his long history of degenerate pedophile behavior.
Discord user Isaiah: Isaiah is a degenerate who sexually harasses underage girls and enjoys riding motorcycles.
by simonsays451 May 7, 2020
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The Discord User Syndrome (DUS) is a syndrome that is gained by actively using the application Discord. Symptoms include having absolutely zero game, being a discord mod, a sudden increase of weight and becoming a femboy. The Syndrome is usually treated with uninstalling the application and touching grass.
Person 1: Didn't Max get all the bitches?
Person 2: No, he has zero game now. I heard he uses Discord now.
Person 1: Guess he got Discord User Syndrome.
by urnotyuri October 7, 2022
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