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A play on words from the Jim Henson puppet show titled Fraggle Rock, one would say that someone who resembles a fag or who is in fact a fag is from a fictional city called Faggle Rock. Usually a straight person would approach a gay one and ask him if he is from Faggle rock, used in a derogatory manner.
1. Did you look at that guy's hair and tight pants? He's got to be from Faggle Rock!

2. Hey, queer, why don't you go back to Faggle Rock?
by Servemaster July 30, 2008
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Another name for Bradford Pear trees, namely because of the aroma they emit during the summer. For some reason they produce the exact smell one would find at a gay orgy: hot, raw jizz. The smell can be so strong that one can smell it for miles at a time while driving with the windows down permitting discomfort and nausea.
I can't stand going outside because all I can smell are those cursed semen saplings!
by Servemaster July 10, 2008
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