A fan of inthelittlewood also known as Martyn
Fred: What are you watching?
Bob: Inthelittlewood livestream
Fred: You're a sapling too?
by kisakisaable October 9, 2011
Users subscribed to ''InTheLittleWood'' on YouTube
He is a sapling
by Lolzorzcurry October 9, 2011
"We can't light up(TP) that house cuz all they got are a few saplings."

Dude I rocked that sapling with my car.
by b stouff May 4, 2004
Noun| A girl usually about 15 years old or younger that is romantically involved with a man who is obviously 18+ years old.

Saplings are commonly found at fairs in small country towns but can be seen all across the globe.
Ryan: "Wow Elisa, look at the sapling over there. Sad..."
by Kenny Smoov January 10, 2016
The saplings are a community of subscribers from a YouTuber called InTheLittleWood, also known as Martyn.
A "sapling" is what Martyn calls his subscribers.
All the saplings are in the server.
by novideoNL August 12, 2012
Mundanely average.
I woke up feeling saple today, but now I'm feeling better

Ironing is such a saple activity

God, my life is so saple, I need to be more interesting
by Basseh Boy March 20, 2011
A good looking human. If more than one person agrees that that human is a sapling they become a tree.
Human one: Bob is such a sapling

Human two: No he’s a tree

Human one: My sapling is over there act natural

Human two: Hey Bob! Brittany likes you!!!!!
by I’m confuzzled June 18, 2019