Referring to Greg Sanders and Sara Sidle from the popular tv crime show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. When you combine Sanders (Greg) and Sidle (Sara) you get Sandle. This became popular since Sara and Greg are very flirtatious towards each other.
On YouTube there always seems to be a new Sandle video.
by itsxlexyxfoo December 29, 2006
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small, angry, drunk, midget, person
he's had too many beers, he's havin a sandle
by gilly56565656565656565 August 02, 2006
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Tit sandles are when a woman has really saggy boobs
"Man her boobs are soo saggy she could have tit sandles
by Seth Sturgeon June 12, 2008
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An object similar to a spoon but with a longer handle and a deeper scoop, generally used to profusely shove sand up ones butt hole until they can no longer pucker their sphincter muscle.
Hey bro, lets go build some sandcastles on the beach and try out this new sandling scoop that I borrowed from my friend, Nick.
by JCaal November 27, 2016
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the fugliest shoe ever made. they look like something i wore to the zoo when i was six.
I was digging around in the dumpster and found these jesus sandles.
by prepercolate May 24, 2013
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berkunstochs (excuse my bad spelling)
Yo look at dat lame ass honky Brad and his goddamn jesus sandles.
by Jamal April 17, 2004
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