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A Massive cock. Limited to a minimum of 2 foot although Rarely used.
Wow look at Ryan. I don't know how he walks with that Sidle between his legs.
by Jose Theg March 31, 2009
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That thing in Wind Waker that no one knew what it was.
Hey, I'm playing Wind Waker, and what is a Sidle?
by ducus10000 February 12, 2018
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Sidle, v.

1. to sidestep or move sideways
2. to be sneaky, furtive, or inconspicious

Sidle, n.
a sideways movement
Indiana Jones was sidling along on a tiny balcony when he suddenly fell off and died. =)
by ju571|\| November 14, 2004
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This is the act of appearing in a conversation out of thin air and merely listening in on conversation without adding anything of value to it while making those originally conversing feel especially awkward. See also sidler
I hate that bastard, he always sidles the conversation.
by VanSmoke January 18, 2005
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walking sideways to abstuct the movement and to humiliate a said person or persons.
The crew sidled the girl to the point of her pushing them to get through.
by Grammy9907 October 22, 2006
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To suspiciously idle about, whether in a vehicle or on foot, waiting for a chance to strike or rob or commit some other crime.
The two teens sidled in the alleyway trying to score some dope.
by Crockettman September 09, 2013
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