The best Samuel ever loves Korea and is just great.
Samuel The great.
by Nothing hahah October 12, 2019
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Samuel, nick-named sam is a strong hearted man. He is stubborn but caring. Samuels are best paired with females that are just as sarcastic as they are but a female that also has a caring side. She more than likely will have bright blue eyes and might wear glasses. Samuels are brave and would take a bullet for the ones he loves. Family always comes first in a mind of a Samuel. Friends can be considered family as well in a Samuels life. Sams are also very sexual. He is a gentleman to the public but knows how to please his lady when it comes to the bedroom. Samuels are the all around perfect guy that has every aspect a woman is looking for.
Wow, she's so lucky to have a guy like Samuel.
by Name_Facts435 January 04, 2015
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The name of a guy who is amazing at life, basketball, golf, and everything else. He is fun the hang out with, he's super good-looking, has a great sense of humor, very smart, loving, generous, gentleman, and more. You can't go wrong having him as your best friend, or boyfriend. There is never a dull moment with him. You can trust him with anything, and he's the best advice giver in the world. He has great taste in clothes, even though he's perfectly straight, and will do anything to make his girlfriend happy. He was raised by some awesome people, and will be the best husband and father.
1) "Samuel, I love you."
2) "Samuel! Be good!"
3) "Buh-bye."
4) "I hahrt you."
by iloveyousamuelx3 March 21, 2010
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A samuel is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He cares about u and will do anything for you. He also is very hot. And if you are lucky enough to have a samuel he will defiantly treat you like a princess. you would be his baby girl and nothing would ever come between you. he also always knows how to put a smile on your face and can always make you happy. He can be shy and reserved but once u get to know him hes outgoing. all around tho hes the most amazing guy. and he will love you and care for you till the day he dies.
'Oh you should get yourself a samuel, hes the greatest guy'
by pizzamuch? August 15, 2017
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Someone that cares too much for his girlfriend. So much he would take a bullet for her. He knows she's special and should be cared for.
Dude:That guy just jumped in front of that girl and took a bullet in the chest for her!

Dude 2:Dude bet his name's Samuel
by lev1234567 June 21, 2009
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Sam is a very cute guy that has blonde hair. He most likely plays a sport like soccer. He is a smart human and is looked up by his peers. However his fatal flaw is that he has a great girlfriend however he is not happy and will not come clean with the girl he likes and comes off as a stalker. Girls he falls for often likes him in return and they do a lot of public things together. The moral of Sams story is that he should leave his girlfriend and date the one he really wants
guy 1: Samuel really likes her
guy 2: yeah he's a fricken stalker bro
by alksdjkfhks; March 25, 2019
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an amazing sexy guy with a voice that'll take you to another world . he means the world to me and he's my everything , he is very sweet and perfect , you will never find a guy like him , he's special to me and to my heart , he's the reason i breathe and the reason my heart beats.
sam is my world , the love of my life , and i can't do anything without him , he will always care for you no matter what , his love is strong , he'll be your soulmate and your perfect opposite.
This is samuel , my soulmate

I love you samuel
by Ranoda July 23, 2011
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