A amazingly hot guy, who hasn't dated a girl in forever. He cares for this girl so much, but stupid problems keep them apart. He hates that but still tries, and I believe they will be together one day. He is as close to perfect as it gets.
Samuel is fucking hot.
by HeatherBosargeIsGreat June 05, 2011
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They usually have brown hair and brown eyes (and is really short). He They also usually are super athletic and creative. He can be really shy or just quiet. If you are the right person he will open up to you. He’s had a hard life and is usually popular or friends with popular people. He’s got it tough and sometimes looks out of the place. If you ever make a joke and he laughs that’s the greatest treasure. On the inside he’s funny, quirky, carefree and has weird interests. For example, he might be into blues, heavy metal and rock but absolutely hate jazz. He’s quiet to hide pain and can be partly depressed. But overall, he’s got a lot going for him and is majorly talented. For all the Samuels that might go by the name Sam, it’s gonna get better and to the people that matter the most and event some random people like maybe in your art class, you are extraordinary.
You: Hey Sam! I know you’re into rock but what music do you hate?
Samuel: Jazz is the worst.
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by Shutupsdude April 20, 2019
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My Hero. My lifesaver. I love you. I'm a proud braviour.
"Oh my BBRave, Samuel you're so perfect, you're my hero"
by AmberLaurens September 19, 2013
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A sweet, intelligant old soul. Samuel's are thoughtful and caring and very wise. Somethings they can act a little to serious as they have a great desire to do well and treat people right!
Samuel could rule the world!
by Slientthoughts June 05, 2015
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A sexy man with an even sexier voice. He's hung like a horse and loves his girlfriend more than anything.
by BigDkrueg March 11, 2015
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A "white boy" that makes the pimps nervous. (Massive dong) Quick with the sweet talking, even quicker with retaliation. Don't piss him off, he is not scared of anything.
Oh shit bro watch out here comes Samuel.
by Mrmushman December 24, 2016
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