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The hardest dance move of all time. It instantly attracts and arouses all females (and males) within the nearest 7 kilometres. Unfortunately this is one weakness of hitting the hardest dance move of all time, as it will turn most, if not all, surrounding males gay, something likely undesirable for a straight male.
The Yoinky Sploinky example:
Person 1: bro watch me hit this devious Yoinky Sploinky
*proceeds to hit the hardest Yoinky Sploinky known to mankind*
Person 2: bro that shit hit different 🥵 that says so much about society ☹️ btw lemme kiss you on the mouth and suck your dick real quick 😳 (no homo obviously)
by Samueliscool223 October 17, 2021
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The score relating to the complete joke of a system (social credit) designed by China to get rid of the few personal freedoms the people of China had in the first place. This credit score system is also the reason why famous wrestler John Xina always seems to be eating China's booty cheeks and denying Taiwan exists and not calling Xi Jing Ping the stinky winnie the poo poo that he is.
Person 1, on twitter: in my opin-

Government official:

⚠ -30,000 SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE!!!! ⚠

事件已报告给中共 !!!!!!!

Person 1: okay :(
by Samueliscool223 October 12, 2021
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The sigma male grindset refers to the the superior mindset possessed by the male at the top of the social hierarchy, also known as the sigma. This grindset is often mentioned when the sigma does something that may be considered based and redpilled. Society (runned by betas) views the Sigma as a threat. He is thus often a victim of societal ostracism for his intrinsically based nature. He is the victim of a systematic societal hate crime.
Instance of the Sigma Male Grindset:

(Low IQ beta judge): you are charged with 17 counts of corporate embezzlement. What do you have to say in your defence?

(Sigma male, representing himself like a true chad): your honour, first of all, you're a stinky poo. Second, you do not understand the grind. I must exploit the weak to maximize entertainment value, and personal gains. It is simply in my based and redpilled nature. Is that really a crime?

(Beta judge, realising his substantial error): yooo my bad, all charges dropped. Respect the grindset bro 📈
by Samueliscool223 August 13, 2021
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When everything you touch magically turns into beautiful rainbow Skittles!
Person A: no way it's the dude who has the Skittle Touch! That must be so awesome

Person B: is it awesome? Everything I touch is reduced to atoms. I have killed my friends and loved ones by simply showing affection and hugging them; my actions are the antithesis of my motives. I will never see them again. I live in perpetual dismay at the destruction and misery I have inadvertently caused. And every second of every single day I contemplate shaking my own hand. Because only then can I free myself of this miserable, painful existence. And I wish to do this to protect this world from myself, as I fear I may touch the ground and turn us all into Skittles; I am a caring man, yet I have become the manifestation of death: the destroyer of lives and inevitable obliteration of worlds.

Person A: lmao dope
by Samueliscool223 September 27, 2021
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Person A: Samuel is cool.
Person B: I agree; Samuel is indeed very cool.
by Samueliscool223 September 27, 2021
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Someone with a very high IQ.
A: dude, did you hear about the new fundamental force discovery made by a bunch of scientists in a particle accelerator? I wonder how on Earth they managed to detect it with those muons...
B: they must be Rick and Morty enjoyers
A: shut up homiesexual
B: didnt ask + get golden ratioed + fatherless individual POV
*they then make out*
by Samueliscool223 December 30, 2022
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/nɔ mē/
Definition: an individual who finds unfunny memes entertaining.
Synonyms: degenerate, beta male, Urban Dictionary user, virgin.
Friend 1: yo dude have you been on Urban Dictionary? It's sooo funny!
Friend 2: shut up, normie. I hope you get framed for tax evasion.
Friend 1: understandable.
by Samueliscool223 August 14, 2021
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