A Samuel is a talented ukulele player who doesn’t realize how special he is to people. He loves his friends no matter what. Even though he’s busy a lot of the times he’ll make time for you and fight along side you when something goes wrong. When you find a Samuel cherish him because he is a good friend.
Samuel is a meanie
by Potatosock November 03, 2019
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The "nice guy". That one guy who always feels the need to let everyone know how "great they are". Someone who feels that they are entitled to everything they want because of there niceness. Samuel is a guy who will guilt you into what he wants, then throws a fit when he doesn't get it. He's the guy that flirts with EVERYONE, but is emotionaly unable to sustain a long lasting relationship with anyone because of his astronomical expectations for a partner and his over flowing need for validation.

If this sounds like anyone you have been with or know, CONGRATS!!! You have found yourself a Samuel.
Person 1: "My blind date, rented a hotel room and tried to get into my pants last night. Then yelled at me when I said no!!!"
Person 2: "Wow! He sounds like a total Samuel! "
by Leigha421 April 20, 2020
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He is the type of person too afraid to admit his feelings for one. He is amazing in sports especially football. It is so easy to fall in love with him and if he doesn't like you back instantly he will in a while. He tends to blush a lot. Has a cold face in front of others except his friends and family. He is very loyal to his friends and respects their choices. He tends to believe in himself rather than in stupid rumours. He is everything a girl will ever want. Though it takes him time to realise things he is still an amazing person. If you ever fall in love with Samuel it will mean so much to you and it will be hard for you to let go. There is no way to confirm if he will stay with you forever but if he does you are one lucky person.
Samuel is my Biggest crush yet.
by Pandagirl12 June 26, 2018
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He is a sexy beast and many people will call him daddy
Samuel is a god
by samuelistheg November 25, 2019
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Sam is a very cute guy that has blonde hair. He most likely plays a sport like soccer. He is a smart human and is looked up by his peers. However his fatal flaw is that he has a great girlfriend however he is not happy and will not come clean with the girl he likes and comes off as a stalker. Girls he falls for often likes him in return and they do a lot of public things together. The moral of Sams story is that he should leave his girlfriend and date the one he really wants
guy 1: Samuel really likes her
guy 2: yeah he's a fricken stalker bro
by alksdjkfhks; March 25, 2019
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A samuel is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He cares about u and will do anything for you. He also is very hot. And if you are lucky enough to have a samuel he will defiantly treat you like a princess. you would be his baby girl and nothing would ever come between you. he also always knows how to put a smile on your face and can always make you happy. He can be shy and reserved but once u get to know him hes outgoing. all around tho hes the most amazing guy. and he will love you and care for you till the day he dies.
'Oh you should get yourself a samuel, hes the greatest guy'
by pizzamuch? August 15, 2017
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