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Savage-like tendencies coupled with a strong heart. Samuels have royal barbarian bloodlines and possess an iron will which often leads to stubbornness/recklessness but is also the driving force to their fame and legacy. Introverted alpha male who will often assert himself as the quiet leader of the pack through his strong convictions & philosophies.

A Samuel's verbal prowess typically results in dominion and influence over the pack and are also capable of crafty combat in defense of weaker pack members when necessary. Samuels are known for their expertise in Lausatok & similar Norse martial arts and become dangerous when provoked.

Samuels are notorious for wooing females with their wit, humor & charm. Women feel safe and secure when they are around a Samuel and if a large portion of time is spent with a Samuel it is likely that woman will fall in love with him.

Samuels are very good at learning and adapting and if they are passionate about an endeavor or craft they will be excellent in their work. Common interest of Samuels include: Bird catching, poetry, archery, fort building (inside or outside), fencing, and spear fishing.

Strong characters will be drawn to anyone named Samuel. Samuels are rooted in righteousness but can divert to the dark side. Fallen Samuels will go by "Sam", "Sammy" and in some cases "Sammie". Steer clear of these.
"You are learning to play the bagpipes? That's a very Samuel thing to do."
"That girl over there is looking at you like your name is Samuel"
"Just because you're captain does not make you Samuel"
by Swanky Swanson February 17, 2017

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