A samuel is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He cares about u and will do anything for you. He also is very hot. And if you are lucky enough to have a samuel he will defiantly treat you like a princess. you would be his baby girl and nothing would ever come between you. he also always knows how to put a smile on your face and can always make you happy. He can be shy and reserved but once u get to know him hes outgoing. all around tho hes the most amazing guy. and he will love you and care for you till the day he dies.
'Oh you should get yourself a samuel, hes the greatest guy'
by pizzamuch? August 15, 2017
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Samuel is a considerate and sweet boy with a heart that's almost as big as his head he's always thoughtful but can be a bit closed off when it comes talking about emotions and closes himself off to most except the one person and if you becomes that person you will be the most important person in his life you will feel so special as you will always be his top priority no matter what to some he may come across as moody but to the one special person he is just emotional and miuderstood because he is sensitive it allows him to be the sweetest man you will ever meet but he is also a generous lover and is only satisfied when his partner is and will anything to make sure they both finish even though he does have to try hard as he is extreamly sexy he was blessed with a sexy body and he is very skilled in bed
Girl one : last night I got with Samuel

Girl two: I bet he finished in 2 minutes

Girl one: no he didn't finish till I did he wanted us both to be satisfied but that wasn't hard considering I was dripping wet the second I saw his body he had a really nice ass for a guy not to mention his abs and his dick was huge
by Hooter May 21, 2017
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A boy who is constantly judging himself for no reason, Samuels are smart, funny, athletic, and noble. A Samuel thrives in many sport-like activities such as soccer, taek won do, judo, football, or even tennis. Samuels are hard workers and do well in school because of this. Many classmates are usually able to rely on a Samuel for their quick wit and expertise in the subjects. A strong moral compass is something that any great Samuel will not lack, and he will always do the right thing in any situation. Samuels have many friends and are usually some of the kindest people that you may ever know.
Person A- "Hey, did you see that boy turn the quarter in instead of keeping it? How virtuous!

Person B- Yeah, he is definitely a Samuel.
by J.J Falkchuuu February 27, 2019
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Samuel is a the boy at school who's very shy, he is competitive as hell though and he is very handsome and romantic. He knows the concepts of treating a girl right. Although, if you make plans with him he says no but you two never end up going. He's very insecure as well but he shouldn't because his body is nicely built and even if in any way it isn't his features are complex yet so romantically simple. he's nerdy and insanely smart and other boys should learn from him. the way he looks in his glasses makes you giggle and have butterflies. But he has no clue who has feelings for him.
" I wish Samuel was my boyfriend, he's everything I'm looking for, but he's too busy with other things to be interested on a relationship"
by thegirlwhohasamillioncrushes November 14, 2016
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Samuel is a brown haired, green eyed wonder. Even if you're having the worst day he can make it the best by just being there. He's always outgoing, funny, brave and he doesn't let others ruin anything for him. Samuel is protective, when anything happens to you he will come and rescue you. He ignites a spark in your heart when you see him and you're heartbeat is uncontrollable when you're talking to him. Samuel is secretive but he's always willing to exchange hearing his secrets for hearing yours. He's popular, gets along with everyone he meets and he loves sports especially rugby. Samuel is sweet and caring, he would do anything to see you happy.
Samuel: hey, you ok?

Me: i am now that you're here
by katie-anneb14 March 04, 2014
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Savage-like tendencies coupled with a strong heart. Samuels have royal barbarian bloodlines and possess an iron will which often leads to stubbornness/recklessness but is also the driving force to their fame and legacy. Introverted alpha male who will often assert himself as the quiet leader of the pack through his strong convictions & philosophies.

A Samuel's verbal prowess typically results in dominion and influence over the pack and are also capable of crafty combat in defense of weaker pack members when necessary. Samuels are known for their expertise in Lausatok & similar Norse martial arts and become dangerous when provoked.

Samuels are notorious for wooing females with their wit, humor & charm. Women feel safe and secure when they are around a Samuel and if a large portion of time is spent with a Samuel it is likely that woman will fall in love with him.

Samuels are very good at learning and adapting and if they are passionate about an endeavor or craft they will be excellent in their work. Common interest of Samuels include: Bird catching, poetry, archery, fort building (inside or outside), fencing, and spear fishing.

Strong characters will be drawn to anyone named Samuel. Samuels are rooted in righteousness but can divert to the dark side. Fallen Samuels will go by "Sam", "Sammy" and in some cases "Sammie". Steer clear of these.
"You are learning to play the bagpipes? That's a very Samuel thing to do."
"That girl over there is looking at you like your name is Samuel"
"Just because you're captain does not make you Samuel"
by Swanky Swanson February 17, 2017
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I giant lanky cunt sometimes he can be nice but sometimes he takes things to far always on about the rude things in life . In school he was kid who wants the best grades
by The Ruscoe January 19, 2019
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