"Samuel" means: gorgeous, always ready to have fun, strong, brave, so funny, honest, sweet but so manly, generous, hard worker, sweet-tooth, honnest, engaging, exceptional, so sexy, greedy, easy-going, irresistible, talented.
Everyone needs a Samuel in his/her life: essential and perfection.
A touch of Samuel and you're in heaven. Samuel, you're perfect! Samuel, I love you.Everyone needs a Samuel in his/her life!
by Miss.S. February 16, 2010
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The last of the prophets from the Old Testament, who annointed King Saul. The son of Elkanah and Hannah. She named him Samuel, saying, "Because I asked the LORD for him." (1 Samuel 1:20)
1 Samuel 3:4 -Then the LORD called Samuel. Samuel answered, "Here I am."
by Samwise73 February 03, 2010
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an amazing sexy guy with a voice that'll take you to another world . he means the world to me and he's my everything , he is very sweet and perfect , you will never find a guy like him , he's special to me and to my heart , he's the reason i breathe and the reason my heart beats.
sam is my world , the love of my life , and i can't do anything without him , he will always care for you no matter what , his love is strong , he'll be your soulmate and your perfect opposite.
This is samuel , my soulmate

I love you samuel
by Ranoda July 23, 2011
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Nicknamed Sam, he's a truly amazing guy with an overactive penis. He is the bestest friend you could EVER have. And you'll most likely fall in love with him. Although you can easily get bored with him, your feelings will for him will never fully go away. He usually says stupid stuff that makes you mad, but there's no way you can't forgive him.
You see that guy? He's my best friend.. Samuel.
by bananasryummy August 02, 2011
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Samuel, nick-named sam is a strong hearted man. He is stubborn but caring. Samuels are best paired with females that are just as sarcastic as they are but a female that also has a caring side. She more than likely will have bright blue eyes and might wear glasses. Samuels are brave and would take a bullet for the ones he loves. Family always comes first in a mind of a Samuel. Friends can be considered family as well in a Samuels life. Sams are also very sexual. He is a gentleman to the public but knows how to please his lady when it comes to the bedroom. Samuels are the all around perfect guy that has every aspect a woman is looking for.
Wow, she's so lucky to have a guy like Samuel.
by Name_Facts435 January 04, 2015
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