To corks a bat, then act like nothing happened, only to admit it later and apologize to all of Latin America.
That asshole Sammy Sosa'ed his bat and now he hit 67 home runs.
by The Big Sexy July 06, 2004
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The act of shoving a baseball bat up a girls ass until she turns a ghostly white color.
TR "I gave my girl a Sammy Sosa last night and she squirted all over the place"

FG "Did you try the Alaskan Fire Dragon"?
by Pussymuncher69 December 08, 2010
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What? Corky landed on the bench? Oh wait, sorry, splitting DH time because 'he's tired.' Oh, and that pitiful 2-40something june. Lets not forget the Orioles current freefall in the AL East to the Yankoffs and BoSux.
Sosa still sucks, though he's your problem now O's fans. Sorry guys.
by Plinkton Cyclopes July 09, 2005
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U guys are all a bunch of ignorants. Sammy Sosa is the true example of somebody who overcome all the dificulties of growing up the dominican republic (I am dominican too) and made a career in the MLB. U all cry babies know that sammy sosa was borned in a abandoned hospital? and he had to work shinning shoes and selling lemon juice cuz his dad died when he was 7? and he had to use a rolled juice container cuz he had no money to buy a baseball glove? Exactly, you don't know all of that cuz in the dominican some dirty ass place like Bronx of Compton would look like a fuckin 3 Billion neighborhood. So stop bitchin about Sammy. Yeah, he cheated with the cork in his bat, but it was an accident (yeah assholes, they checked all the other 72 bats of sammy sosa, all of them clear) and it is a common practice for all baseball player to practice with a corked bat (improves the swing). So wtf do u expect, is sammy sosa perfect,can't he make mistakes? ("oh my god, sammy used a corked bat " But they all look the same, it is probably just a mistake" "meh, who cares, lets call him cheater") Unless any of you were borned in an abandoned hospital, and had to work since you were 7 years old, and had to go play baseball shoeless and with a rolled juice container, and now you are a MLB player STFU and stop bitching!
"Sammy Sosa had to work since he was 7 years old, and he became one of the best MLB players!"
by Sendog July 09, 2005
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ahahahahahaha, dumbass Plinkton Cyclopes! mind redefining your definition? lose close games? sosa a problem? where are the orioles now, you say? oh my! and where are those beloved cubs of yours? lololol thats right, they aint even gonna get a chance to choke, and still have to pay off his salary! haha the cubs are his bitches!
"Congrats O's fans, he's your problem. Have fun watching the number 2 all-time strikeout leader and keep wondering why you lose close games due to his lack of anything other than a longball. At least you can DH him though.
Sammy Sosa is a crybaby pussy, I'm glad he's gone. Now the Cubs can rebuild and not choke in the stretch."
Source: Plinkton Cyclopes
by blah May 01, 2005
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One who cheats at baseball using a corked bat or other tactics to attain record fame.
Dick was a sammy sosa because he cheated at baseball using sneaky tricks like corked bats, sandpaper, and nail files.
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Knocking your balls so deep the get a shit stain on them.
Man I was pounding away at Michelle so hard I pulled a Sammy Sosa
by Jackson Pollack November 12, 2007
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