A common foreign word used for people who have black sticky stinky stuff between the crevesis of there arms.

by 206xbitch August 18, 2008
A term used in gay circles to describe a young, husky, hairy gay man. Essentially a young 'bear.'
Damn it, Gladys! I know he's gay and furry but he's too young to be a bear, he's a cub!
by Perspective July 5, 2003
A cougar's much younger lover. The boy is often called her cub. Cubs are usually sexy young guys that cougars keep around for company whether it be sex or to make her feel young again...cubs are often in relationships with their cougars. Always together. He's more than a boy toy to his cougar he's her cub.
Check out that fine cougar with her cub! Rawr
by Socaliibabe October 21, 2013
To have chocked, to have had made it close but never having made it all the way, to have continually come up short, to have lost in an often comical way. In reference to the Chicago Cubs of the MLB. Past tense of cub.
"Man the Cubs really cubbed it last year."
"The Cubs have cubbed it for 100 years now."
by IantMcG August 4, 2009
A younger male that is not quite bear size. For gay men, the term cub is used to describe a younger (or younger-looking) male that is usually husky or heavier in body type and is almost always hairy.
In a few more years I will be and look just like him all big heavy fat and hairy like a baby bear cub.
by Jonas Morecock October 14, 2016
A professional baseball team from the city of Chicago. The Cubs are known for their consistent losing and their loyal fans.
The only people more obsessed with the Cubs than their incredibly loyal fans are the "fans" of the Chicago White Sox.
White Sox "fan": If the Cubs lose, then I'm happy.
by TTH1 August 13, 2008