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The act of pouring butane over a boner and then making someone suck it. When you ejaculate the load goes out of the females nose
Dude, she gave me a fire dragon last night and I turned everything white
by dic...tionary November 02, 2014
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The only way for a woman to regain some dignity after a successful ice dragon is performed on her by a partner. The male performs oral sex for her without knowing that she is on her period. When the male realizes what has been done, the female punches him in the back of the head until blood comes out of his nose and yells "Fire Dragon!"
"Dude, is your nose bleeding?"
"Naw dog, this trick last night gave me a fire dragon."
by bigplayer69 December 06, 2009
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The Fire Dragon is one of the most common of all dragons. It has the spiked, brick-red tail, red-scaled body, and two black horns of a dragon you might picture in your head.

Egg Size: 1-10 ft tall, 2-4 wide
Body Size: grow up to 26 ft in height, up to 74 ft long when laying flat
Tail Size: 12 feet (of 74) when extended
Colors: black, red, brick red

Main Attack: can inhale, then exhale sharply, creating a burst of fire from its mouth. These flames range from 150-1240 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the dragon's mood and tiredness
Other: Its black talons on all four claws are retractable and fairly sharp.
-Tail can swing up to 124 mph.
Main Defenses: Most teenage-adult Fire Dragons can cover their whole bodies with their enormous wings. They can create a fire sheet on these wings, melting most objects that touch it. However, objects that have very high melting point are in no danger.
Other: All dragons have some form or layer(s) of scales, some more strong than others. Fire Dragon scales are fire-resistant, and lava does less to. On a scale of 1-1000, their penetration resistance is 94.

How to protect yourself:
Clothe in fire-resistant material.

Other attributes:
-Can cook foods with smoke out of its nostrils
-Can cut down trees and "bulldoze" dirt with horns

Fire Dragons are relatively easy to tame. However, DO NOT attempt to tame tribal leaders and warriors.
Fire Dragons in the wild are relatively calm. They live in "tribes" and choose leaders peacefully, not with fighting. If you come across one, they are likely to go away/ignore you. Only tribal leaders and designated fighters for their tribe might attack you. If you attack them, no matter the age or gender, the dragon is likely to attack you back.
by DragonDefiner April 22, 2018
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when a girl is giving you oral sex and your about to cum you yell i have Syphilis, and since the girl is shocked you cum in the girls mouth and it comes out her nose.
"T" i totally did the fire dragon last night.
by SuperBad! September 13, 2007
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A being that is the center of hypocritical nonsense, and drama. Found hanging out in places where his true self is masked behind a huge wall of black and white text. These places usually contain very professional individuals who wish nothing but to skull fuck and blast his brains out.
FireDragon: <insert bitching/moaning n' other shit that no one gives a flying fuck about>
by SyntheticGeeks November 08, 2007
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