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to be without shoes. To be lacking a sense of location, purpose, or shoes.
Everyone look at max hit on those two older men at the bar. He's so shoeless!
by Ross G April 02, 2008
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The act of being so fucked up that you have no concept of time, place, intoxication level or actions. Can be acheived by any means of consumtion, ie: alcohol, drugs or any mixing of impairing substances. Shoelessness is usually accompanied by more consuption of impairing substances, generally being fucked up, loss of memory, and a case of the assholes.
Dude: Wtf happened last night?
Bro: Dude you were beyond fucked up, you fell out of the truck and busted your face, you were straight shoeless.
by Juphro September 29, 2011
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