A girl that acts better than everyone. She try's to fight anyone she meets. A girl that is the gurl that sleeps around at the school. She copy's anyone she meets.
"Omg did you see samaras hair, she totally copped me."
by Nana mama September 03, 2017
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Malevolent spirit in the form of a little girl with black hair hanging over her head. Samara comes for you after 7 days once you watch a cursed video. You proceed to die from terror. Note that the named little girl is connected with a well which she died in where the name for the film the ring comes from; the circle of light at the top of a well when it is closed or from the phone call you get after you watch the video. All this is from the movie the Ring which is based on a book by koji suzuki. Samara is mocked in the movie Scary movie 3.
Girl watches video.
Phone rings
"You will die in 7 days" in raspy voice, line goes dead.
Girl is scared but takes little notice.
In 7 days, Samara crawls out of her well on the tv and comes for the said girl. Samara crawls across the floor and we get to see her eye. The girl's face is distorted when she dies in a grotesque manner.

Newspaper headline: Teenage Girl Found Dead, Cause is Unknown
by Rachel WD June 25, 2006
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the girl from the ring who comes out of a tv and kills you after seven days since you watched the evil tape, she is one crazy ho.
watch the tape and you get killed after seven days by a little girl called samara.
by Jacky-boy September 24, 2005
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1. adj. (a) occurring or done before the usual or proper time; too early. (b) too hasty.
2. v. adj. & n. - v. (1) tr. use to no purpose or for inadequate result or extravagantly. (2) Fail to use (esp. an opportunity).
3. adj. (of a person, attitude etc) aggressively assertive or presumtuous; over-bearing.
4. n. (a) the condition of being wrong in conduct or judgment, (b) a wrong opinion or judgment, (c) the amount by which something is incorrect or inaccurate in a calculation or measurement.
5. n. A contemptable or ineffectual person.

When all the component definitions are considered, "Samaras" becomes a very effective insult to be used in a variety of ways, conveying distaste with a person or their actions. Originating from footballer Giorgios Samaras' unfailing abilty to bring mockery and ridicule upon himself through arrogance, waste, and self-absorption.
"You Samaras of a man" - use when you witness someone who has made an arse of themselves, in a variety of situations, not neccessarily football related. They may have, perhaps, leapt from their chair to celebrate an event that immediately becomes clear has not actually occurred.

"You've Samarased that mate" - use when someone has made any kind of error- eg, spilling an entire pint on themselves, or falling on their face - breaking their own nose, while returning from the disco.

"You've made a Samaras of yourself there" - Samaras simply substitutes for many pejoratives, such as "twat", "arse", "tool", "wanker", "tube", "fuckwit", "silly-billy", etc.
by Flourescent Tony November 08, 2009
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Once a sweet little girl with psychic powers beyond her control who never intended to hurt anyone, but her mistreatment at the hands of her parents, especially her father, led her to become an angry person over her life. Then she was shoved down the well, and tried desperately to escape. She never escaped and died. Naturally, she was enraged at her awful mistreatment, so she decided to lash out at everyone.
Samara created the curse video to make sure that she is heard by everybody. If they don't pass on her story, they die at the hands of a blind-with-rage Samara who scares them to death.
by Grimlord/Karl Ziktor August 31, 2006
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