Its all deep, and rough sounding but it sounds so good usually when they tired they have raspy voice
wow, D'ante has such a sexy raspy voice
by thatbitchisthebitch March 28, 2016
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The need to gossip to your friends about hot boys/girls.
by SillyGoose45 April 28, 2020
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When a girl has a displeasing voice that sounds like an old man. This is commonly associated with women who like to swallow.
Damn did you hear that broad? She has a raspy dick sucking voice
by bighairygeorge April 6, 2010
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a voice that is a bit crispy 🤤🤤
Person 1: “ayo did you hear shanice talking yesterday”
Person 2: “yea her voice sounded hella crispy”🤤
Person 1: “raspy voice” 😌
by 🐩 puppy person April 11, 2021
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