Misspelling of the word 'they'. First seen in a snippet of men's bathroom graffiti at Sterling's Restaurant (Sunland, CA) in 1985.
Truck drivers are a carzy bunch - what we call pussy, thay call lunch!
by turrican September 12, 2007
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A thug that is gay.
G: Why is Bobby holding hands with that guy?
OG: Cause he's a thay!
by theauthormarkwilkins January 30, 2017
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this is a yorksire slang word for you
thay ent gorra clu (you dont have a clue
by l a September 13, 2007
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When two tops engage in sexual activity or hook up.
What do you do when two tops don't make a bottom? Let's have a thai thai. There's always dry humping and sword fighting or fuck him in the mouth.
by Pescatore5 June 6, 2014
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A thais is passionate , kind , and full of love. She’ll love you and care for you. And she will always be there when you need her. There will never be a time when you need her and she isn’t there. A thais will put others before her because she thinks that others feelings are more important then hers. She is loyal and will stay by your side. She will never betray you. Love is her strongest feeling. If a thais ever falls in love with you. Don’t take advantage of her for it will be hard for her to detach her heart from the thought of you.a thais will give you love and affection and will always pay attention to you even when she’s at her worst. The people she love become her number 1 priority. She will do anything to see you smile and anything to continue to see you happy. Because that’s all she will care about. She will compliment you and make you feel good about yourself. A thais will work to tend to the feelings of others. A thais is always aware of others and their feelings. And she is causous with her words so she doesn’t hurt anyone. A thais is also loud and loves to laugh. She loves the laughs of others as it’s music to her ears. A giggle or a simple grin fills her with happiness. A thais will bring the best out of you.She will never fail to make you laugh or smile and she will never fail to make you feel loved.You can always rely on a thais. As they will be one of those people who will be a burden to lose.If you have a thais in your life love her and cherish her.
by Bootyheadannnnn April 18, 2019
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Thais' are just flat out cool! They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. She is incredibly smart, attractive and funny....just know that when she stares at you...she either thinks you're cute or amazed by your stupidity since you opened your mouth.
by januaryjones February 3, 2010
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A humble, dignified and well manned young man. Respectful to all and has love for his bros and family. He may not be the hardest but he can still fight. Not the smartest but he's still passing. Not the most attractive but still attractive.
Thai is so cool.
by Thaibyrius December 25, 2016
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