A natural entertainer, usually multi-talented. Easily sidetracked, and although intelligent, can be very moronic at times. Sarcastic and outgoing, a Samara has many friends but is close with few. She is interested in many things and because she never divulges too far into one topic, she can develop a reputation of being superficial. Samaras love to be attached to one person and be the life of the party. Excellent taste in music, incredible body. Knows no boundaries or limits and can come off as intimidating. Nobody breaks her heart, she calls the shots and knows how to play the game. Samara's never stop talking and love attention. They also have a great sense of humor and are charismatic. They can win almost anyone over.
Jim: Whos that girl over there ?
Bill: Oh dude that's a Samara, she's so fine!
by under the roof.1 March 14, 2017
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A very beautiful and talented person. A samara usually has beautiful curly hair, is in love with books, like they are her life! She i a very artistic person and often feels down about themselves. Samara is very sarcastic and could have a temper problems and gets angry easily. A samara is beautiful and the best so if you have her as a sister or a friend , never let go of her!!!!!!!!!
Leila: I went out to shop with samara yesterday......
Yasmin: oh cool your so lucky
by person??? April 1, 2015
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A beautiful name of Hebrew origin. Means "Guarded by God." Comes from the name Shmarya. 90% of people you meet will tell you that "Samara" is a pretty name.
Candace: What's your name?

Samara: Samara.

Candace: That's a really pretty name!
by tintagel7 February 16, 2012
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Samara is a kind, caring, smart, funny, person shes a bit wild and much more! But she has a temper so DO NOT get on her bad side!! Samara tend to have BEAUTIFUL curly hair and a great sense of humor . Although Samara loves her friends, if you were to break her trust, it would be hard for you to regain her trust in you back. She keeps most things to herself. Most Samaras have weird athletic ability and are naturally strong and she uses that to her advantage. Samaras can seem chill but can also be hiding lots of emotion, Samara is a god. She is very athletic and funny! She can make anyone laugh. She is so pretty. Samara works hard for what she wants. Don’t get on her bad side! Samara is very out-going and she is not shy. She will step up to any problem and try her hardest to fix it. She is very loud and is hungry all the time. Samara is the type of girl who has been through hell and back and has had her heart broken multiple times and just want to find somebody who will be there for her and have the same goals she has .
She also has the dirtiest mind.watch out its all an act she's a wild and freaky one. She loves to party and have fun you will never be bored with her. If your in a relationship with Samara never let her go you will never find anyone better than her. She's the best at sex and will know how to please you in every way. She is easy to love but hard to let go Never let her go because u will never find an other girl like her
by smexy916 April 13, 2019
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A beautiful person kind. She is very smart. Tries to juggle a lot on her plate. She is waiting till high school to date. She is careful lovable. She is a great friend to have. She is good and is very very amazing friend. You never want her to leave. Never become her enemy. She can become fisty stubborn at times
Hannah:guys have y'all seen the new girl
Friend:no is she nice?
Hannah:she is such a Samara
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An amazing and beautiful girl. She will think lowly about herself only because she compares herself to other girls. There is always that one girl who tries to copy Samara. Samara's fall in love easily most of the time, but it's only because they trust people. A Samara is smart, artist, beautiful, and over all amazing. Though she has a bit of a temper and gets lazy easily, but hey, who doesn't!
If you know one, make sure to cherish each moment with her. She's a special one.
Ana: Damn, did you see Samara today?

Stacey: yup, she's my friend
by Wouldn'tYouLikeToKnow™ November 13, 2018
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(Somebody comes up to her in a shirt covered in feathers and glitter)

"Don't you love my shirt?"

Samara: "Sure I do, suuure."
by stopstaringatme12345 March 2, 2010
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