A girl who seems nice, but is actually a snake. She will tell all your secrets and lie to you. Make fun of you and your feelings
Quit pulling a Samara
by and that’s the tea for yah December 15, 2018
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Samara is a beautiful girl, who's hair is a little past her shoulders, loves BTS, and loves her friends. Samara has fought her friends how to be better people, She has inspired, and reinforced people without thinking twice, because that's the type of person she is. A Samara will sit next to you for hours hearing to your problems. A Samara gives all her love and attention to her friends, Wich don't deserve her, She is an amazing beautiful, stunning, incredible person. And lastly, Samara M won't fail in making you happy, ever.
I love you Samara M!!!!
by Bangbangtan_e December 19, 2020
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Is a rude annoying mean and breaks everything she touches
Hi I’m Samara Pruitt ” “bye
by Yahoo inc May 22, 2020
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