People from Malaysia, or with ancestors from Malaysia. People who know how to make some awesome stir-fried noodles. The guys are studs and the girls are attractive and smart.
Whoa, you're Malaysian? Awesome!
by San José March 31, 2008
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When Malaysians get fucked in the arse by their government, they usually bend over and ask, "how deep would you like to go?". It is of a compliant society that enjoys getting sodomised by their leadership.
Guy 1: Bro, I'm returning to Malaysia from London, and they want me to wear a device to track my every moment.

Guy 2: Welcome to Malaysia. You just got Malaysianed.
by drbyte December 8, 2021
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A bowel movement that starts with the individual perspiring, followed by swamp ass. When the individual is passing the stool, hot steam is coming out of the ass and whistling like a tea kettle; shortly thereafter the stool exits the rectum reaching a terminal velocity of over 150mph. Upon impact the water boils and emits a fecal vapor.
Musto ate at Ayam Kotor and had the beras tahi and got a Malaysian Steamer.
by Bodhi came back July 5, 2013
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This is a two part move. First, tuck your junk under and back and hold your junk back with your butt cheeks. At this point your slingshot is just to find a victim. It's best if you find someone's face. Release the tension on your butt cheeks slingshoting your junk forward. Can be an insult or an offering.
I gave that bitch the "Malaysian Slingshot." Damn near took her eye out.
by SourJay June 13, 2010
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Malaysian Flu is the disease suffered by a business person who has been sork'd (getting 'so wrecked' at a business party) and consists of vomitting, headaches, stomach issues, over-sleeping meetings, etc. Sometimes, the Malaysian Flu is incorrectly attributed to a bad combination of meds and alcohol, but really it's just the result of having consumed way too much alcohol. Named for a business traveler who suffers this condition while traveling on a business trip to Malaysia.
Kirk is suffering from the Malaysian Flu this morning and will not be attending the general session.
by Bobby Blackeyes January 19, 2009
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A subject that was forced upon all college students in Malaysia because the government was afraid that they would forget the fabricated History of Malaysia and spread discontentment about the country when they go overseas to further their studies.

A huge failure as truth cannot be hidden. Signifying yet another venerability of the poorly though of and highly biased education system.
Studying for Malaysian Studies is a waste of time.
by The Incomplete Name November 9, 2010
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Malaysian Airlines is the worst airline of 2014 thus far. It is a very convenient way of suicide. You either go missing in the ocean searching for Atlantis or your target practice for Putin's thugs armed with surface to air missiles in Ukraine. Either way your body won't be found. #Sumtingwong #holyfuk
Did you hear about the latest Malaysian Airlines flight gone wrong?
by American Guy21 July 20, 2014
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