1. A large controlled outdoor fire, usually made from bales of straw or wood.
2. A social event that takes place near the mentioned fire.

The word is believed to be a corruption of "bone fire" deriving from a Celtic midsummer festival where animal bones were burnt to ward off evil spirits.
1. I helped my dad prepare a bonfire and i burned my new pants.
2. You should have been at Mike's bonfire last week, we got really drunk.
by Matek July 06, 2006
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A bonfire is the result of 2 or more fire crotches have sex with each other.
There was a huge bonfire at the party last night. At least 5 fire crotches were having an orgy.
by bLiTcH January 26, 2008
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A place where you call up all your friends to express your inadequacies and bag on people better than yourself
Susie was sad she didn't get the job she didn't deserve and called up all her friends to a bonfire complain why she didn't get the job over the more qualified candidate.
by lostindenial1 August 01, 2010
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A party, usually held outside, with lots of alcoholic beverages. There may be fire at this party, and fire and drunks don't usually mix, so it's sure to be entertaining.

Side effects of bonfires inlude, but are not limited to:
unplanned pregnancies
social acceptance
earning a "whore" reputation
Forrest: I'm having a bonfire tonight!

Ross: Sweet! Are you providing the beer, or is it a bring your own?

Forrest: Both! The more alcohol the better! I hope we get hammered!

Ross: Won't your parents find out?

Forrest: Nah, We'll just hide the evidence in the woods.

Ross: Okay! I'll spread the word!

Aaron: I hope that whore Caitlyn shows up. I can't wait to get in her pants!

Scotty: I'll bring the plastic cups!
by Wes123456789 December 31, 2010
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When you are relentlessly roasted simultaneously by every member of a group text
I can’t take this abuse, this group text is just one big bonfire for me , I’m leaving.
by Funnyguy5 April 06, 2018
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The act of smoking marijuana that is mixed with marijuana concentrate, typically consumed from a large pipe and shared among a group of friends to ensure they get properly baked.
Dabbing takes too long... we should have a bonfire!
by poweredbyaaron99 October 28, 2017
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