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The act of forcefully throwing salt into one's eyes.
For each thing I do wrong, my mentor salps me.
by LPGhatguy October 19, 2010
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means slap but when its typed badly when someones drunk
like when dan was drunk and i was being a bitch he asked if i wanted a salp
by Joe Hart June 20, 2006
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"Smells Alot Like Pot Syndrome"
The rare condition whereas the victim constantly exudes a slight aroma of marijuana.
I can't go to class today, my SALPS is really acting up.
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
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buy the domain for your foodie blog
For those foods you can't decide are salad like (something dry covered by sauce) or soup like (food submerged in liquid)
so you just use a combination a soup-salad
P1: hey what did you have for dinner last night
P2: Oh i had some Salp it was delicious
P1: What kind of salp
P2: cereal
by PocketProtecto May 14, 2018
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to steal through superior wit/style/intelligence/aspects
I salped him of his honor
by oofergang May 09, 2018
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