intentionally degrading somebody.

got its name because of the stinging feeling one gets if somebody where to put salt on an open wound. the effects of "throwing salt" at a person are usually the same, but the stinging is on an emotional level.
Guy 1: "You guys are so weak. Yeah you won the game, but only because the other team blows."

Guy 2: "Man, why you always throwing salt?"
by ibman67 July 26, 2008
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Throwing shade, ruining it, being a dick, claiming false accusations etc.
If a bih, gon tel anoda bih, tu not data jit, cuh dat bih kno she ain gota chance witda bih, dat bih throwing salt.
by Taytay123_ December 2, 2019
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Talking about things in a group, which at least one person within the group shouldn't hear/know.
Rick, Chris, Rob standing somewhere, talking:

Rick to Chris: Do you know, that Isaiah will move to amsterdam?
Chris to Rick: Oh man you are throwing salt all over the place. Rob shouldn't hear that.
by SCAszoo August 20, 2006
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To purposely try to foul up someone's mack game.

To cock block.
Nigga, why are you throwing salt in my game? I oughta punch your lights out.
by Nuckra May 28, 2003
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to interfere in one's plans or actions, esp. of the macking variety
Ramza be a pimp and represent. Don't let those haters throw salt in your game and disrespect your honour.
by My Name is Marche! July 11, 2008
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When someone tries to ruin a good thing for another, such as when I'm trying to talk to a fly young honey and then my boy comes up behind her and says, "You know this dude is 48 years old, right?." If that ain't throwing salt in my game, nothing is...BITCH!!!
As in the above example, you might say to your homie, "Damn, playa!!! Why you throw salt in my game?!?!?!?"
by PoohBearJohn February 25, 2016
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