Slang for conflict diamonds.
Blood diamonds are used to fund the rebel groups, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and the Revolutionary United Front (RUF). These groups terrorize the peoples of Angola and Sierra Leone. Murder and mutilation are the trade marks of these groups. Most famous for chopping off hands, arms or legs of small children.

Most diamonds today are have blood in there history--you just don't know it.
The DeBeers cartel is corrupt so don't care if those are blood diamonds or not.
by Blowfish July 24, 2005
Aslo 'Conflict gemstones': the illegal diamond trade in Africa by rebel fighters who purchase their weapons by selling these 'blood diamonds' to kill their own people.

New, 'conflict-free' diamond bourses are established now to make sure no diamonds are going to be sold for guns, thanks to something called the 'Kimberley Process' (named after the 2000 meeting of major diamond-producing countries in Kimberley, South Africa), that issue KPCS (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme) certificates and offer other 'ethical alternatives' for those who lost their jobs as a result.
Blood diamonds are common in countries like Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia. Other conflict gemstones are emeralds alternatively known as 'blood emeralds' in Colombia.
by hammer---;, hytham April 15, 2007
Blood diamonds are a nick name for one of the new OxyContin's, 60 milligram strength . they are a deep blood red in color which look absolutely delicious
yo im sick of these 20's get at me wit some of them blood diamonds you been gettin cuzzo
by Contin Candy August 16, 2009
Blood Diamond refers to overweight (thick) white chicks that date black men exclusively.
Dang, homeboy is rolling with a beautiful blood diamond. She's thick as hell.
by Ballin Ass Chris August 8, 2014
A blood diamond is a Gruffnugget pulled from the ass of a black man. However this gruffnugget will also usually include a small portion of blood to it, thus dubbed a 'Blood Diamond'.
Guy A: Hey bro, i accidentally mined a Blood Diamond from your black ass.
Guy B: Yeah, shit bro, I felt that.
by Dincepulitismo March 19, 2018
The stain present on white bed sheets after one has sex with a virgin.
Last night I got my blood diamond from that drunk 15 year old.
by Dick Cheney's Knuckle October 22, 2008
A woman's vagina while she's menstruating
"It's that time of the month; John's girlfriend won't fuck but she'll let him find the blood diamond"
by Tony Everready August 18, 2008