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Agile is a generalized term for a group of anti-social behaviors used by office workers to avoid doing any work while simultaneously giving the appearance of being insanely busy. Agile methods include visual distraction, subterfuge, camouflage, psycho-babble, buzzwords, deception, disinformation, and ritual humiliation. It has nothing to do with the art and practice of software engineering.
That crap was built using Agile.

Worker A: Couldn't we be a bit more Agile?
Worker B: How?
Worker A: Let's order pizza at the Kanban.
by ALT-F4 November 24, 2012

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Short for "Starting Price". Originally a gambling term for the odds that would pay-out on horse races. In modern usage it is a generic term used when one wishes to receive a clear and concise response. Similar to an "executive summary". Used in the UK in the same way as "bottom line" in the USA.
Reg: What's the SP on that Richard of yours?
Johnny; Judy? Fine no problem.
by ALT-F4 November 24, 2012

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A form of government initiated by protesters through protests for protesters. Frequently mistaken for military coups, citizen protestors often naively turn for help to the repressive organs of the same state they are trying to overthrow often leaving it to the Generals to decide who will be the next head of state. Protestocracies have one of the highest rates of leadership turnover and constitutional rewrites, with most issues being decided not through ballot, debate, and compromise but by counting the number of protestors each side can bring onto the streets. In extreme protestocracies, such as Egypt, as many as 40% of the population will be out protesting at any one time.
What do Egyptians really want tho? Chased out Hosni Mubarak elected Morsi and now want him out. A Protestocracy.

Example Constitution: "We the Protestors of country name..."
by ALT-F4 July 04, 2013

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A stupid or obnoxious person. Often used on Twitter preceded by a hashtag. Plural: Spanglewanks
"I've been accused of ruining a market traders livelihood, been yelled at, called a #spanglewank, and blamed for people not being able to pay the rent or mortgage! It's not fair I'm saving the world"

"Oi Spanglewank, where's me fags?"
by ALT-F4 October 09, 2019

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