A hybrid molecular orbital containing a carbon-carbon triple bond. Linear.
by H. Tim Smith December 12, 2003
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Seed Point or bonus point (use in torrent sites)
If your ratio is too low, use your SP (seed points) to buy uploads.
by Gensyl December 30, 2013
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slam piece.. someone who is ugly or who is just a hook up.. no feelings attached.. just sex
I was drunk, you were just a hookup.. strictly a SP
by walgreensbitchh November 20, 2011
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Short for the term "Sexual Predator" but typically used more to describe:
1) Adult males that behave overly aggressive towards the opposite sex.
2) Men with creepy appearances that tend to stare at girls much younger than them or act in a creepy manner towards females.
3)Any act of preying on members of the opposite sex in hopes of sexual gratification.
That old creepy guy at the bar is so "SP".

Wow SP!... Are you staring at that chicks ass?

That guy with the video camara at the wet t-shirt contest was "SP".
by Georgia St. Crew April 10, 2008
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Sextuple Penetration, when a group of men ram 6 dicks into one woman in holes all over her body.
Dude1: Hey I'm having Sextuple Penetration (SP) with my girl tonight, and your invited.
Dude2: Woooooohoooooo!
by Axel Roark June 26, 2009
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Originally an acronym for "Smoke Pot," SP has evolved to be used for a plethora of situations relating to cannabis. Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective!
"Hey wanna SP?"
"Hey man, did you bring any SP?"
"Dude, I SP'ed so much last night"
by DubClub04 July 26, 2008
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Stomach Pump. SP

1. SP is short for Stomach Pump. Its performed in poisoning situations, and/or to remove blood from the stomath.
1. I had a SP after I took that tunug medicine.
2. Did they use charcoal?
3. Yes.
4. The mattress boy saw them put the tube down, and heard me screaming before he told me to get on the mattress.
5. Did they use a machine, or just gravity to pump your stomach?
6. They used gravity, and a machine.
by 1992peter February 14, 2010
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