Brasil: Dude, Brasil is like the nation of the Gods. If heaven existed on Earth, it would be located in Brasil.
John: Naw.
Brasil: Man, Brasil owns guam, corea, u.s., armenia, japan, israel, africa, and specially argentina. These places don't even deserve to have the first letter of their names capitalized.
Guam: *QQs like Un Brazo*
HyunGyum: *Same as guam*
ArmoHater: *Same as HyunGyum*
Woo: *Same as ArmoHater*
John: *Goes back to work at my diamond mine*
by BrasilStyle May 12, 2009
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A country in South America. No, your country name is United States , not America.
We speak portuguese, not spanish. And Brasil is more that São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Go study some real geography.
USA citizen: Try to speak spansih in Brasil
Brasilian:Nós falamos português
by Curupira May 21, 2020
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The right spelling of what Americans call Brazil.
Brasil is spelled with S not Z you stupid American!
by Djow October 13, 2008
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The #1 candy in the USA that arrived in Brazil with all flavor and no sugar, in Coolmint and Sours versions, full of flavor and freshness crystals, to "nenhuma bééééd parar você".
Tá de bode, cristalzinho? Vai de Ice Breakers Brasil, pra nenhuma bééééd parar você.
by nicegoat November 23, 2021
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When yuo go to place of terror (Brasil)
Me: yay I’m so glad we got out of Brasil
Brasil: yuo goin to brasil!
by Crimean Animates lol October 7, 2022
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