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A kind girl who loves life and most everyone in it. A great friend and a better supporter. And very pretty. Also an exceptional athlete
That kind girl is a Hagan
by Friend of Hagan's August 20, 2016
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A guy who is small in every way possible. Someone that his friends make fun off for being small. A smart boy but very cocky and that's why he does not have many friends.
Hagan is small, smart but a little lonely.
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Having sexual intercourse through a pizza.
I ordered a dominoes last night and haganed the fuck out of this girl.
by Joeham April 18, 2018
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A Hagan is a well-mannerd, mid-tempered speciman.

A Hagan dislikes being ignored but will ignore most who deems unfit for a Hagans liking. A Hagan will always have the urge to help others if at all possible. A Hagans bad side isn't easily reachable due to personality traits that cause the subject to never take anything seriously. A Hagan is easily lovable.
You are very sweet and silly, you must be a Hagan.

Aren't you mad? The Hagan in you must be upset.

So kind like a Hagan
by Leonation June 17, 2018
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A hagan is someone with ambitions , who see's life as a challenge and always ready to explore. Hagan's are selfish and thinks about nobody else but themselves , this normally leads to success. Hagan's fall inlove extremely quick but this can occur with many females at once.They are the one's who mash up the party and ends the most intoxicated.They will choose money over most things and are seen as the villain in the movie.Hagan's enjoys sexual relations with females but avoids getting attached.
Jake:That looks like a very bad guy there.
nicole:I think his a hagan
by Tonni G January 08, 2015
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A hagan is someone who enjoys sexual relations with females, males and animals alike. A hagan also takes his prey by force when usual methods are not fruitful. Usually small in the reproductive area, a hagan often makes up for this by being a mash up at a party then blaiming this state for under performance in the bedroom. Because of this, you may sometimes hear a hagen being refered to as 'Ant' or 'Ant cock'...
"look at Ant (hagan), he is attacking people in the street again"

"Oh my god, look at that ant hagan, he is so messed up his cock and balls look like a two year olds"

"That Hagen needs locking up to protect the public and animals of the world from physical and emotional violation"
by Timio April 18, 2007
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A hardcore gamer who watches ali a for tips and uses a piss bottle to Get that extra minute of game time!
Why are you such a Hagan?
by Aliafan#1 June 28, 2018
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