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A party where people go to engage in sexual activity with each other. Whether you're craving for pussy, cocks, jugs, jizz, or ass, sex parties are probably one of the best things you would experience in the world. See also orgy
Percy invited most of his classmates to his house for a sex party in his backyard, but why didn't he invite ME???
by LeTomTornados September 14, 2011
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When two people throw a party for there friends and family to announce the sex of there upcoming baby.
Kiersten : Hey Kaylee are you coming to my Sex Party this weekend?
Kaylee : You bet wow can't believe you and Jake are having a baby!
Steve : Hey Kiersten i'll be sure to bring plenty of condoms to your Sex Party this weekend!
Kiersten : You fuckin idiot!
Kaylee : Yeah why don't you beat it fucktard!
Steve : Fine i'll just have my own Sex Party! Oh Steve! Oh! Oh! Oh! Your Dick Is So huge! Come On Steve Make Me Cum! AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHH!

Kiersten : Oh My God I Need To Puke!
Kaylee : I believe I will join you!
Steve : Hey Kaylee if I get you pregnant then we can have a Sex Party!
Kaylee : Just keep fucking yourself fucktard!
by SlopNChop July 4, 2018
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having a party with loads of girls and also having sex
amy enjoyed y sex party it was wesoe when e fucked
by Sex vibe July 22, 2018
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Where you invite a bunch of your mates over to get pissed but involves no sex what so ever.
Hey Tim lets get everyone together for a sex party on the weekend.
by Phanalax November 3, 2007
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Ninja Sex Party (NSP) is a band created by Danny Sexbang (Leigh Daniel Avidan) and Ninja Brian (Brian Wecht). They make music that usually involves Danny attempting to hit on women, but ultimately failing. While Danny's character is a self-centered douchebag, he is very nice in person. Brian's character is a murderous Ninja, but in real life he is a theoretical physicist.

Ninja Sex Party is also a part of another band called "Starbomb". Starbomb includes Danny, Brian, and Egoraptor. Starbomb's premise is to make songs about video game characters being put into adult situations.
by Arin's Chins June 26, 2014
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Proof that music isn’t dead yet.
Ninja Sex Party is a band formed by well known comedian Danny Avidan, and Brian Wecht. Just about every one of their songs includes incredibly sexual themes and lyrics and it’s amazing, final oppinion, amazing band, great people, great music.
Person 1:”Hey dude, did you listen to the new Ninja Sex Party album.”
Person 2:”Hell yeah man, just like the others it was amazing.”
Person 3:”Oh I don’t listen to that crap, I listen to real music, like Kanye.”
Person 1:”No one would blame us if he killed him.”
Person 2:”Agreed.”
by Blacklisted Omnivore March 31, 2018
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A mandatory sex party is like a normal sex party, except if you don't attend you get arrested. People are told they will be attending a costume party, but what really happens is a wild, out-of-control orgy involving beer, fire, and moving logs onto the road.
Allie: So, how was your costume party last night?
Roger: It turned out to be a mandatory sex party.
Duncan: Those actually exist???
by Alliestalker October 15, 2009
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