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(a) Simulated Life Game.
1 - SimCity 4 is one of the obvious examples of the widescale SLG (that is, the simulation of several lives on a wide scaled locale,) as are some of the other Sim games from Maxis / EA.
2 - The Princess Maker games are an example of the narrow scale SLG, in which you tend to one simulated life (sometimes more, though not on the scale of the widescale SLGs.) These tend to be more detailed as far as character growth is concerned (details may include habits, mood, state of body, etc.

(b) Social Life Game
A game in which you take control of someone's social life. While The Sims could fall under this category, this definition truly pertains to the ren'ai gaming style (the "love sims" if you may) that include most visual novels and practically every dating sim.
What friggin' example? Okay... The Sims is a great SLG, but all these expansion packs are hurting my wallet!
by M. I. Orikasa September 04, 2003
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Selective Living Group

A system that, I believe, is unique to Duke University, but similar to houses at some of the more stuffy universities. It's basically a group of awesome people that live together, that's similar to a fraternity or sorority, except co-ed and without any of the stigmas or pledging.
Guy 1: Dude, Which is the best SLG on campus?
Guy 2: Definitely Cooper House. Everybody there is awesome!
Guy 1: But what about Round Tabel?
Guy 2: Ehh, they're okay. Some of them are kinda weird though
by DukeFan5 March 03, 2013
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Stomach Like Gorilla

This is to say when a woman has a stomach that portrudes further than her breasts. When this happens they suffer from SLG, or Stomach Like Gorilla!
Rosie O'Donnell suffers from SLG
by CorneliusMaximus October 08, 2009
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Smart Looking Guy- usually asian with glasses
Hey SLG is drunk again lets roll him down the stairs.
by Brandon March 23, 2004
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An acronym for Screams Like a girl also the name of one of many freshman that Eddie owns
Eddie: Dude I smacked S.L.G and he started screaming like a girl
by The Eddie October 29, 2003
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