Swanky; something of awesome nature.
After watching their favorite movie, the couple remarked, "That movie was so tabel!"
by Guestion February 17, 2011
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fingering a girl so deep, that your hand goes through her entire body out of her mouth
damn. i was tabeling her so i good, i could feel her teeth.
by damn it was good. February 7, 2008
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tabel is a dub way to smell table
guy 1: tabel
guy 2: no you dumbass
guy fieri: guy fieri
by sexualgrenade March 22, 2022
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boy who is addicted to pokemon who likes playing call of duty on his xbox whilst sucking at TABLE football - oh the irony
tabel is so rubbish at table football
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virgin farmer who makes love to his potatoes whilst playing on his xbox
who is that leadfarmer tabel?
by LeadFarmer1919 March 5, 2009
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When you take a shit the size of a large table
OMG!!! that is one bug tabel shit!
by ALMFFE April 26, 2010
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