The end all be all word used by teenage males when speaking to their parents. Used as a response to questions which they do not wish to answer.
Parent: how was school?
Son: ehh
Parent: did you have fun eating with your girlfriend after school?
Son: ehh
Parent: we cleaned your room
Son: ehh?
Parent: we need to have a talk about the condom wrappers we found
Son: uhhhhh
by Keabs May 6, 2009
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by Swegg85 April 2, 2021
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A word your use when you don't necessarily agree with someone judgement
"Amanda is so ugly "
"Ehh Idk about that, she's kinda hot"
by Mr. Hurtson October 20, 2016
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A response to someone's statement in a sarcastic manner, insinuating "that's not bad".
Jason; "I got a 71 on my Chemistry exam"

Russ; "Ehh"
by Ummsir August 22, 2007
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When your not in the mood to talk
Bob “hey jeff
by xxd thiccboi August 4, 2019
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Ehh is a word used when an off-coloured remark is made. This is in no way a verb, and never will be.
So this tumor hurts like balls." "EHH!
by The Italian child December 3, 2010
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Used in chats as a sigh.
Kate: I'm really sorry, I can't come over today...
John: Ehh..
by Gremlinekdance December 23, 2008
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