Gon: I'm looking for my father, Ging Frecess...
Everyone who watched the show: fuck Ging, you got leorio and kurapika
by Gonswife September 22, 2020
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1:Ging is the main protagonists father in the hunter x hunter series.
2:When you choose milk over your own son.
1:My favorite hunter x hunter character is Ging.
2: Don't be a Ging and leave the play that you're daughter is in.
by PrpleDrago February 14, 2022
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An abbreviation for ginger.

a person with no soul, red hair, pale skin, and freckles.
dude shes a ging.

yeah totally with that red hair

yeah and that light skin
by Roshley March 2, 2008
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A name originated in Kansas; means usually a THC cart/pen
Bro lemme hit the ging
by buttmuncher42999 July 8, 2021
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refers to chinese(cantonese).. that Ging means Good.. Leet..awesome..amazing!!
A: yo.. hows my new haircut?
B: whoaa.. Ging!!
by JJJJJacinta October 21, 2005
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"Bloody 'ell Bruce, shewt that arsehole with yer ging, mate."
by Redgum July 11, 2008
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a euphemism for marijuana, allegedly used by Huey Lewis through the 90s. Rhymes with 'ding' and 'sing'.
Hey, wanna come smoke some ging in my tour bus?

That's some dank ging.
by Reverend Rory February 3, 2011
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