The most amazing, fun, caring, beautiful, smart, talented person you will ever meet. She deserves to be happy and she is insecure sometimes, but she will always be there to help
by i.m.E July 14, 2017
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Emi is the name of a girl who deserves the world . She’s the most loyal, funny, honest, and beautiful person anyone could meet. She may seem shy at first, but after a few times she’s the best person to be around. She always wants what’s best for you, and is a happy person to be around. She has a very specific type, but once found she’ll love them forever. Basically a dream girl and any guy would be lucky to have her. If you do, never let go of her. (Also she’s great in bed, never says it but is a shy freak)
I wish I had a girlfriend like Emi, I would want to marry her.
by GoLoko July 1, 2019
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Emi is a fantastic girlfriend/wife. She is outgoing,funny, and athletic. She is a flexible person. She is short and smiles a lot.
OMG she is an Emi
by Isabelle White October 17, 2013
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A different spelling of the name Emmy or Emmi or Emmie or Emy. Often short for a girl named Emily. The name Emi in Japanese translates to beauty. A girl named Emi is often outgoing, short, and kind. General characteristics also include engaging in laughter, dry humor, and enjoying long walks.
That girl is short, but seriously funny, she must be named Emi!
by mirroronthewall December 31, 2010
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A strong, beautiful woman, with great priorities.
Basically a dream girlfriend, and is a beast at softball.
Dude, look at that girl playing 3rd base, she's totally an Emi.
by St.M_21 October 10, 2010
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Emi is the best, she makes me waffles and gives me up whenever I want! I love Emi, she is the bestttttt💖💖
Emi Emi Emi Emi Emiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
by Lucy Sinclair April 22, 2021
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Emi is a wonderful person and such a good friend. Without her i know that i would be missing something from my life by now i know her i found little thing i have been missing my whole life. Love you Emi xx
George: Emi is the ideal girlfriend for me bro.
by Hospital girl July 3, 2019
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