Gorgeous campus with beautiful Southern weather. Pretty preppy in terms of style, with a handful of alternative/theatrical types.

Named #2 douchiest school by GQ magazine in 2009. Not an entirely unrealistic assessment of this school full of frat star and wannabe frat star boys (who aren't as smooth or desirable as they think they are), insecure brainy women who are obsessed with the elliptical machines, and asians who stay in the library till 4 am doing orgo. So many asians. You either hang out with all asians, or you do your own thing with people of all races and avoid the cultural bubble on campus. Same with blacks--you're either with the BSA crowd and go to black parties, or you're on your own in the social scene. Greek life is a big deal until you're a sophomore, and then no one cares after that. Guys and girls don't date often here; the get-schwasted-and-hook-up culture is prevalent.

Everyone goes to Myrtle for the end of the year trip. You go to tailgate if you're an alcoholic in the making, and you tent if you're a basketball fanatic/engineer/not in a frat.

Everyone starts out premed, then a good handful switch into humanities courses to get straight As.

We like to party, then study, then party some more and do it all over again. Pounding beers until you pass out, then waking up the next morning at 8 am to hit the gym and write a term paper is pretty typical for a Dukie.
He's goes to Duke University? Must have been a socially awkward high achiever in high school who drank alcohol for the first time during orientation week.

Is that a Duke student dancing in the Shooter's cage?
by bleedsdukeblue September 2, 2009
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Institution of higher learning located in Durham, NC. Home to intelligent, competitive, party-loving people who like basketball a whole lot. Arguably one of the best schools in the nation, and one of the hardest to get into.
"Duke University just beat UNC in basketball. Go Blue Devils!"
by LJ 1210 October 13, 2005
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A group of undergrads who believe that they are better than you, because they actually are.
I go to Duke University. What? You don't go to Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford or Duke? You're a moron.
by tobey anon March 4, 2011
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Duke is a private college located in Durham, NC.The school is prominent in the areas of medicine, and finance, with a respected liberal arts program.Most students at the school hail from well to do families in southern Virginia, Long Island, North Jersey, and the suburbs of Washington DC (VA and MD).Duke is also well known for enrolling a large amount of international students with exotic last names. In particular India and China have become a minor league for future Duke students, as Paragashian or Xiang Huang are the most prevalent last names on campus. The most common first names for males on campus are Skyler, Schmidt, Lance, Bruer, and Graham. Most Caucasian students on campus are descendants of the Hohenzollern and Habsburg monarchs of Germany. Few Catholics are welcome at Duke, but Jews of great wealth are generally encouraged. Graduating students historically have great success finding jobs, with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan hiring 65% of all undergrads. Dukes location in Durham has never worked well. Since Durham is dominantly black, the wealthy Duke undergraduates often amuse themselves by demeaning the "inferior negroes." The best known example of a Duke student is Andrew Guliani, son of "911 hero/douchebag" Rudy Guliani. Andrew is well known for his expulsion from the men's golf team for: "a series of angry outbursts, including breaking a club, "gunning" the engine of his car, throwing an apple at the face of former teammate and being disrespectful to a trainer."
"Holy shit look at Lance and Bruer wrestle in their boxers on the ground with Schmidty! When these guys are drunk off Samuel Adams Winter Ale, they can make dorm parties at Duke University so much fun.
by Briar Cliff Rough Rider February 8, 2010
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Amazing school with top notch sports, academics, research facilities, and overall quality of student body. Rivals and even beats some Ivy League schools in terms of rankings. Most difficult to gain admission to and most prestigious university in North Carolina. Is sometimes known as "the Stanford of the East".
Duke University - The Stanford of the East.
by CollegeReviewer January 24, 2020
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A: Hey B, Where did you get in
B: Harvard...
A: WOW!! OMG, Congratulations
B: ...of the South
A: Oh, well Duke University is good too
by Hiphopchik08 November 11, 2007
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A university in Durham, North Carolina that is owned by the University of North Carolina. This is often seen in Men's basketball, in which UNC consistently humiliates Duke.
Duke University: see FAILURE
by ACCFan March 4, 2009
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