The civil rights that individuals and married couples have that those in the homosexual community don't have. These include the legalization of gay marriage, the same rights to said act that heterosexuals receive, (such as tax exemptions and benefits) and the right to be in public without being frowned upon.

Although homosexuals have been fighting for these rights since the late 1800s, the issue never received nearly as much publicity until around the 2004 election when Congress gave the states the right to choose their view on this issue.

Democrats and liberals feel that these individuals deserve the same rights that all of us have because we are all human, the Constitution says "All men are created equal," and that we practically did the same thing with the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 60s. Republicans, conservatives, and many Christian groups feel that homosexuals should not be given the same rights for various reasons including their own thoughts that homosexuality is a disease or mental illness, that it has no social benefit, (i.e. impossible to bear children) and that the Bible doesn't allow it (see Leviticus 18:22). There have been many arguments about these issues which have also brought into question where to draw the line between the Seperation of Church and State.
I tried to make this definition as unbiased as possible without giving away much about my political party preference and/or my stand on this issue.
by Matt August 7, 2005
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a bunch of bullshit made up for 13 year old girls to make a fuss about
Girl : I think gay rights should be a thing
Roadman: nah man suck your mom
by December 25, 2020
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- rights for gay people, and the main right that gay people want to have is the right to marry. it s a "hot button" issue in america, with most demorcrats for it and most republicans against it. you don t have to be gay to be in favor of gay rights, many straight people are open minded, respect diversity, and belive in freedom. but others want to force their religion on every one else like they have never heard of "seperation of church and state". if you think gay people choose to be gay, did you choose to be straight? did you choose to be attracted to blonde, red, or brown hair? blue, green, or brown eyes? big or small boobs? curvy, skinny, althletic, or petite bodies? you can t chose what turns you on, and you definately can t choose who you fall in love with. we fought for interacial marriage and now gay marriage. gay marriage doesn t hurt anyone, so maybe we should worry about things that do like the war...
how would you feel if straight marriage were outlawed? gay rights is equal rights!
by noimnotgayimbi June 12, 2006
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A sign that the brain is winning the battle with the mitre.
<Smart phyisicus with an average IQ of 130> It's really nice that gays have somewhat more rights than a 1000 years ago. You might think that's it's Immoral but the same thought was that of interracial marriages just 90 years ago. Also it's scientificly prooven that homosexuallity is a genetic proces and since gay's don't reproduce, gaymarriages will not lead to more gays. Also not granting gays the same right is both in contridiction with the Universal rights of man and the American constitution plus the declaration of independance.

<Concervative christian with the average IQ Below 100> Thy sinner! Burn in hell they will, God sayed onto me: "Man shallt not lie with man." Thus it is not I argumentate and think God can also be wrong.
by Amar van Leeuwaarde February 27, 2005
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Giving homosexuals rights that are not currently afforded to them. This includes marriage, tax breaks, and more openess in general in society.
Commentary: As a Conservative Christian I look at Homosexuality like this. The Bible says being gay is wrong. It also says many other things are wrong. We are all sinners so we have nothing to boast about. Therefore I love people who are gay just as much as those who are not.

Moreover, I do not think there needs to be a movement to afford gay people more "rights". The government can take a stance on this and not allow marriages much in the same way it does not allow explicit material on billboards to advertise a porn film.

I agree that homosexuals should not be hated upon. That does not mean society has to accept homosexuality as a good thing. Love the person, hate the act.
by Bryansix June 24, 2005
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Such rights include legal protections against discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and credit based soley on a person's actual or perceived sexual orientation. Currently only 15 states and the District of Columbia have such laws in effect that protect against such discrimination in the USA. That means that shamefully it's currently legal to discriminate against gays and lesbians in these areas in 35 states!!!

In other words, a gay or lesbian person can be denied or fired from a job, refused an apartment or right to buy a house, be denied a hotel room, be denied service at a restaurant, or entrance to a club or credit simply because of who they are in 35 states and can't do a damn thing legally about the injustice! Technically, a heterosexual can be discriminated against too!

There are no federal laws in place to protect gay and lesbian people from such discrimination. Although a bill is pending in Congress that would at least outlaw workplace discrimination based on sexual orientation, the republican controlled Congress won't allow it to come up for a vote on the floor!!! Some republicans claim we need hearings to determine the need, but refuse to hold any. Others like to point to costly frivolous lawsuits as an excuse for not supporting it, yet fail to reconcile that against their own claims that homosexuals only make up 1% of the US population! Others who make religious objections, refuse to admit that the bill provides exceptions to religious organizations!

Further, passing such laws would not stifle free speech against homosexuals anymore than existing laws against religious bigotry outlaw the right to speak against religious extremism!

Contrary to the assertions of right-wing religious extremists these are not special rights but an extension of civil rights that heterosexuals and other minorities take for granted. We already have laws that protect against religious bigotry, which is a choice and a benign characteristic unlike race or gender. Thus a person's choice to live openly as a homosexual should be extended the same protections under the law.

In regards to homosexual relationships, gay and lesbian couples currently only have some form of legal protection of their relationships in 4 states through either marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships. Since such arrangements are only recognized in 4 states, gay relationships have no protection in 46 states!

These protections among other things offer security to the couples and promote stability!Such relationships, for example, assure that their assets won't be stolen by the family of a deceased partner upon death leaving the surviving partner in the street. Again, marriage, or whatever you wish to call it, is a right to security that heterosexuals take for granted that extends beyond procreation. Gays and Lesbians shouldn't have to incur unnecessary costs trying to provide for their partner through costly legal documents that are often challenged in court by families and invalidated!

Gay rights are human rights, not special rights!!!!

Gay Americans should have some right in the USA to legally have their relationships recognized as a basic human right!
by La Da Dee November 30, 2005
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Rights for people who are homosexuals. They deserve every right. also people who are homophobs like those damn republicans need to stop being right wing christians. i dont like america because its a place full of rednecks and christians. I am moving to canada because we are an oil hungry dispicapable gropup of republicans.
Lets go to canada where we can live in peace!
by Canada_Bound July 12, 2005
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