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A more polite way of saying "fuck that" so you don't get in trouble with parents, teachers or bosses
Teacher: "Stay behind at lunch for a homework catch-up"
Student "I have people to meet, sack that"
by MacSki December 23, 2013
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To have sexual intercourse with somebody in there bed. Used as slag in dublin.
Ah jaysus love i want you in the sack!
by Orlababbyy July 7, 2008
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To be fired from ones place of employment.

Also, to get "the sack".
"Sorry guys, can't go out tonight. I've got to save money since I was sacked today"

"Hey, did you hear Tracey got the sack?"
by seetheris August 11, 2005
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"Yo, you can go lick my sack."
by x January 22, 2003
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to get punched, kicked, or hit in the nuts
I got sacked earlier in a fight
by allan_t321 April 21, 2016
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Bed...generally has sexual connotations.
Maria was a terrible cook and talked to fucking much, but because she had a huge rack and was a demon in the sack, Phil decided to put the cap on the kitchen cleaner and keep the ol' bag around for a little while longer.
by Nick D November 24, 2003
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(in new zealand) to 'sack it' is to 'drop your sack' or 'drop your nuts'. in other words, bitch out of something or fear something.
"bro i was gonna fight that massive cunt"
"fuck off bro, you sacked it"


"bro is it true you broke that window"
"yeah man, fuck i'm sacking it"


"fight that dude, you better not sack it cunt"
by 4204298 December 6, 2013
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