Stands for Side Bitch Squad, a secret society at Brooklyn Tech. Founded by the Freshman Class of 2022 (GDAT), because everyone thinks everyone is bitchy, and they can literally point to someone by their side and call them a bitch, thus being named a side bitch.
Techie: "Yo see that kid next to me?"
Other Techie: "Yea, what about him?"
Techie: "He's such a bitch, he's definitely in SBS"
by DippinDotzTechie December 30, 2018
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Snooze Button Sex
The quick fuck you have after you have hit the snooze button when the alarm goes off and it's all over before the snooze alarm reminder coming on again.
I woke up with such a hard on when the alarm went off but was in a hurry to get to work so we had SBS.
by Dorky June 26, 2007
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SBS stands for Shaken Baby Syndrome which is the shaking of an infant or child by the arms, legs, or shoulders with or without impact of the head. This trauma can result in bleeding and brain injury with no outward signs of abuse. Some parents inflict SBS upon their baby when they cannot get the baby to calm/quiet down because they are unaware of the damage it would cause the baby. What happens is that shaking, jerking, or jolting can cause blood vessels in the head to tear or burst. The neck muscles of an infant or small child are weak, so the child's head is relatively heavy and the neck cannot support the stress of shaking or impact.An estimated 1,200 to 1,400 cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) occur each year in the United States. 1 out of 4 babies die of Shaken Baby Syndrome, HOWEVER, the other three babies will need ongoing medical attention for the rest of their short lifespans.

The damage includes:
-irreversible brain damage
-broken appendages (ie:spinal cord injury)
-damaged blood cells
-cerebral palsy
-hearing loss
-spinal cord injury
-learning disabilities
-I heard that the Jefferson's son died of SBS.
by weeeeeeeeeeee! March 30, 2008
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Also known as Small Boob Syndrome.
Some signs of SBS include:
-having small breasts compared to today's standards
-a cup size measuring in the low to high A's
-self-esteem issues
SBS is a the #1 reason in getting a Breast Augmentation.
Kris says: "Bria why do your boobs look so flat? Pull them out of your shirt a little."

Bria says: "I can't, I have SBS. It is a very sad condition that effects millions."
by Breanne Baldrey February 27, 2007
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Sweaty Ball Syndrome, we know it happens to us all but when your out with the guy you dont wanna say hey I got some sweaty ball you say hey I got some serious SBS right now.
Dude I dont wanna move man I have some serious SBS right now and doing somethings will just make it worse man.
by F1ipFlops September 07, 2008
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I got up from the seat and it was uber humid... my balls stuck to my legs so i had sbs.
by P.I.M.P. August 27, 2003
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