Suprise But Sex

-The Act Of Suprise But Sex
-Anal Sex, with the element of Suprise
Question: Hey, I'm Having Trouble With This Girl...She has a boyfriend but I think she likes me. What should I do?

Correct Answer: Walk up to him in the hall, when he is not looking Suprise But sex him. Either he will be to scared to do anything or he will he to confused to hurt you
by Chris Bone April 17, 2005
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A sister group to the SAS very simular except specialise in marine operations includeing bording ships, breaching hatches, attatching mines, marine insertions
by Razak July 14, 2003
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Or known as Skinny Bitch Syndrome. This phenomena occurs amongst females and males alike. For women it causes them to become obsessed with the males abdominal muscles ignoring the usual bird chest, bird legs, bitch pecs and a scrawny back due to the fact that the males are skinny bitches (S.B.S). For males SBS causes different effects, makes men forget about all other muscle groups to focus on there abs and nothing but there abs and the occasional biceps pump up. Be warned SBS could transend into a far more serious pandemic known as PBMS or (Pretty Boy Muscle Syndrome).

Ladies and gentlemen can percent this from happening common symptoms are:
Douche bag behaviour

Your boyfriend weighing less than you do

Men who have SBS pictures on MySpace or Facebook

Men/boys wearing tapout or affliction when you know they won't fight
Guy : so what's your favorite muscle on a guy?

Girl: Omg definitely abs there so hawt

Guy: oh you don't care about chest, triceps, traps, delts, lats, quads or hams?

Girl:......what are those? I like skinny boys with abs

Guy: oh god SBS -______-
by thatguido August 22, 2010
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SBS stands for Shitsumon o Boshuu Suru, which translates to, "I'm taking questions".

In Eiichiro Oda (author of Anime and Manga 'One Piece) own words,

+Well, finally, here is the SBS corner I announced in volume 2. Thank you for sending all of your letters.

+To answer the readers' questions as easily as possible, I will use "D" (Dokusha = reader) for the question and "O" (Oda) for my reply. I will pick from the collection of letters and postcards at random.
Oda: Hello. I might as well start the SBS Corner now. Stand! Be careful!! Okay, stay there!!

fan: Where are you from, sensei? It wasn't in your profile in volume 4.

Oda: From Kumamoto. From Kyushu. From a wonderful place.
by wavey November 23, 2006
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A shocking experience when an object, professor, or person pops up from behind and anally attacks you, while screaming "SBS".
"Man, i just SBSed the SHIT outta that psych. test!"
Guy 1- "SBS!"
Guy 2- "Aww you got me!"
On-looker- "It's not rape if you say surprise..."
by NMU-K November 25, 2008
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Social Bull Shit

the act of everyone hating each other becuz of a rumor that spread around.
I heard you're dating Tyson.

That's SBS! that is so NOT true!
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